August 31, 2005


the images of shipyard worker's on the telly, half a world away, fighting for the basic right to live freely not only moved a wee lass of 12. but got her interested in politics and ideologies also.

sadly, exactly 25 years later, she recently discovered that she's a latent commie.

i'm so terribly ashamed of meself.

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found this site via some link via another link via... you's get the drift.

anyhoo, keyin in "breanagh" and "the letter b" begotten the followin ideal job's:
1. trained assassin
2. evil boss

so i'm licensed to [a] snuff anyone out who's a mighty waste of space [b] subject minion's to perpetual slavery then.


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August 30, 2005

note to self

the next time a feckless bint utters "he's a good catch"

[ie: white expat's, as they are purported to be wealthy and/or holding "influential" posts] to:
1. justify her interest
2. egg me on

i promise i'd not make me blood boil again reply, accordingly:
1. "that explains the rise in broken marriage's"
2. "eh, i'm no fisherman"

but then again, as tact is not my strongest point; i'm sure i'd:
1. throw the same line back as per the usual - yeah, lame that
2. blurt, "yer so fuckin hard up?" just like i'd done to an acquaintance earlier today

what's the big deal about landin a white fella anyway? if these bint's deemed emselves as "good catch" to these blokes as well, they'd better think again.

depraved delusional slut's.

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the wonders of science

there is hope for specky's like me all over the blue marble. the fog that builds up on our glasses will be a bane of the past.

ta to nanotechnology, boffin's have found a solution by applyin an ultra-thin coating of transparent plastic and layer's of silica particles onto glass; causin h2o droplets to flatten and smear over the surface.

i just can't wait for such magic glasses to be made available. and affordable.

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nothin clever to blah about today. brain cell's seem to scatter all over the place. it's only tuesday, and there are about 3 day's left before the weekend comes.


thought i'd post this site all the same as it raised the giggles. em moggies seem to have a thing for basin's, don't they?

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August 29, 2005

today's toons

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the ignorance

of some folk's. i'd say "good on ye" if the subject in question comes from the lowlife end of the philippines, indonesia or thailand. the lady looks anythin but.

but then again, neither 99.99% on this islet could distinguish an aussie from a yank. 'cos "they all look the same, what" is the common refrain.

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boffin's are hoppin onto the sci-fi bandwagon by creating alien creatures that could possibly exist on distant planet's. based on the planets' physical environment's.

skywhales, anyone?

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the inner bairn

a [totally inane] survey about prized possession's revealed that amongst eight nationalities that took part, british fella's chose toy's.

i hope it was matchbox they had in mind.

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c'mon engerland

extract off this week's email from the la pack du grande bretagne aptly sums up how we all felt about yesterday's roller-coaster of a game:

Is this the way to win the Ashes?
(To the tune of ‘Amarillo’)

When the day is dawning,
On a sunny Thursday morning,
How we long to be there,
With the Army drinking a beer there,
Every run and wicket, on every single day,
We want to see the cricket, and the Ashes here to stay

Is this the way to win the Ashes,
Vaughany strokes and Freddy smashes,
Dreaming dreams of winning the Ashes,
And sending convicts home again.
Show me the way to win the Ashes
Gilo's guile gets blades a-flashing
Thorpey bagging loads of catches
To send the convicts home again

Tresco and Straussy starting,
Leaving McGrath and Dizzy smarting,
Then the Brett Lee no-balls,
Bringing even more four balls,
Then they bring on Warnie,
He goes the distance too,
Flying over Langer,
But he's only five foot two...

Is this the way to win the Ashes,
Vaughany strokes and Freddy smashes,
Dreaming dreams of winning the Ashes,
And sending convicts home again.
Show me the way to win the Ashes
Gilo's guile gets blades a-flashing
Thorpey bagging loads of catches
To send the convicts home again

Sha la la lala lalala...

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August 28, 2005

twattin cunt

sample the followin bollocks by a complete tosser who detests the sight of plus-size bird's pluggin product's:

"When we're talking women in their underwear on billboards outside my living room windows, give me the fantasy babes, please," he wrote.

"If that makes me sound superficial, shallow and sexist - well yes, I'm a man."

right, and i thought i've had already seen and heard enough of expat's all over asia sharing exact same mindset as said tosser.

and this same bunch of loser's are allowed to spawn with their lowest common denominator "fantasy" babe's.

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the jurassic b

this tune just comes through the real-time radio station.

cue: air guitar, fright wig's et al

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August 27, 2005

pointless list of thing's

since i have nothin clever to blah about today - it's a saturday innit?

why don't i jot this down for posterity's sake, inspired by this article and previous blah's:

thing's i must do before i become completely ineffectual and useless:

1. learn to speak Choctaw
2. inhale helium and then warble
3. have a new species of creature/fauna or even a comet named after moi
3a. better still, an islet that is a sanctuary for bird's - of the feathered kind - and other wildlife: "the letter b isle"
4. take up infrared photography
5. seek an audience with the Queen
6. go see nessie
7. go see some penguin's - certainly not at the wee island zoo
8. go see some polar bears
8a. and if possible, stay in an igloo and try my hand at ice-fishin
9. if space travel's possible in 30 year's time, i'd like to resettle on a remote planet - far far away from the blue marble
10. seek an audience with the Queen
11. alternative to #8 - go see polar bear's roaming about on the streets of churchill, manitoba
12. go camping on the peak district
13. go visit the orkneys, the shetland islands, the... wherever else in scotland with considerable viking presence
13a. witness/participate in a ship-burning ceremony
14. catch either the northern or southern light's in its full glory
15. seek an audience with the Queen
16. visit madagascar
17. stay a few days in a first nations reservation
17a. participate in a war/rain/ritual dance if possible
18. obedience-train a cat
19. fronting a rock band
19a. learn to play the guitar so that em young laddie's would put up poster's of moi in their bedroom
20. seek an audience with the Queen
21. owning a wee irish pub - certainly not on the islet as there's too many of em copycat's
22. owning a wee footy club
23. owning a takeaway [not another one!] somewhere in rural england - daily special: chicken & potato curry
24. visit a long-time penfriend, Rita in Latvia and whom i haven't written to for awhile already; and then go watch em young drunken englishmen misbehave at the nightclub's
24a. learn to speak Latvian whilst there
25. seek an audience with the Queen
26. attend a 'live' rugby/cricket/NHL match
27. play touch rugby - before the bones give way
28. play more chess - it sure is getting rusty, my skills that is
29. have my massive [not] collection of stamps competed/exhibited at a major philatelic expo
30. seek an audience with the Queen

and the list goes on...

so many thing's to do, so little time, eh? but of course, it'd be fab if there's a partner to do some of the stuff with.

who shares the same interest[s]. definitely.

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August 26, 2005

smug no more

well, well, well.

as we all know about em aussie's, they'd like to think they are the bestest in just any sport that's ever invented. even at footy. or what they'd call soccer.

which incidentally is only played by those of greek, lebanese and serbian descent. same goes for their tennis. i think.

anyhoo, now that engerland are dominatin the ashes, i'm sure em aussie's ain't exactly chuffed whatsoever. mind, i'm sure they'd come up with something brilliant like, "we wuz robbed by the umpire". or "you pom's are just plain lucky". or somethin to that effect.

yeah, we shall see who's the massiver whinger's by the end of this series, eh. besides being poor loser's.

remember that world cup which we won? those aussies i know are still tryin to wind me up, that england ain't playin rugby as they know it. 'cos of the drop goal's that's why.

what did i say about the whole lot of em are poor loser's, eh?

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ere's an article by a disgruntled bloke who apparently is venting his spleen.

about the double-standard's practised by wee island bird's. especially the younger set.

i can't agree with him more. i've had witnessed and heard stories of messy divorce's, extra-marital affair's and wotnot, that i can safely conclude the birds' charter is but an ancient piece of law that no longer serves any purpose.

bird's are now financially independant and have equal earning power's, ta - or no thanks - to the said charter. unlike when i first started working back in 1986, whereby it was commonplace to see two different salary structures on job advert's:
a. those who have served national service - $380
b. those who don't - $350

yes, salaries back then were pathetic. by today's standard's that is.

yet em spoilt bint's these days still whine about sexual discrimination on the wee isle? no, measure a fella's worth by the size or bulge of his wallet, more like it.

sickenin, innit, the whole lot of em?

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a bunch of psychologists, after analysing result's of thousand's of cognitive ability tests,

concluded that blokes are a tad smarter than bird's.

i'm not disputing the finding's. however i'd like to put forward the followin question: if bloke's know for sure that they are the more intelligent of the lot, how come 99.98% still have got problem's dealin with bird's who are as clever?

and how come they find it appealin mating with the "undemanding" [in their own word's] defective type's - or rather, those who appear to be as such at first sight? it all boils down to the ego innit?

i was told once [many many many ::ad infinitum:: moon's ago] to dumb several notches down in order to increase my marriageability. apart from wearin more frock's, and growin my trademark short crop out.

i didn't hesitate to tell the cunt exactly where to go though.

not before larfin out loud in her mug.

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August 25, 2005


england were leading 129-1 at the ashes at trent bridge before the rain stopped play.


something's fishy. i'm wonderin if em aussies engaged the services of the aboriginal medicine man? same thing happened the other day whilst england were leading way ahead at manchester, innit?

double drat.
22:06 WIST - apparently play has resumed. in a few minutes' time however, play will halt for tea.

cricket is the only sport in the whole wide marble that stops for lunch, tea, supper.. the last one's a fib.

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scary thought, this.

cancer of any sort will afflict one in three of us human's at some point in our live's.

shoo, cancer. shoo.

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heart warmin

a tale of how a mother was rushed to the hospital just in time to deliver her bairn. with the help of three ferrymen, an ambulance crew and a midwife. whilst on holiday in the heeland's.

what's more, the wee bairn's effectively an honorary highlander. like, erm, a certain letter of the alphabet.


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am i alone in thinkin that the UN have outlived their purpose and usefulness ever since the erm, downfall of communism?

A senior UN representative last night threatened to cite the British government for violation of human rights over its planned deportations of alleged terrorist sympathisers.

so the live's of em fundamentalist scum are more worthy than those who perished on july 7th? fuck human rights. it's about time that the blue marble's superpower's stand up to these ineffectual clowns. or better still, remove em altogether.

if the wee islet [which is cited several time's for human rights abuse's, both alleged and actual] could tell em to sod off every time it's accused, why not the UK?

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i know some of you's couldn't access to this fine blog much of yesterday. not that it has disappeared into the black hole of wotever.

it's em evil comment spamming wanker's who brought down to its knees. as well as a wonky server disk drive. technology, eh? they are supposed to get better by each upgrade, but no. it fails us miserably.

anyhoo, ta muchly to Pixy Misa - the fella who "founded" this site - for his tremendous help in bringin us back to life.

and do keep yer eyes peeled. i may come up with somethin absolutely brilliant. as per the usual.

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August 23, 2005


and i thought those who go through the nuptial's by putting up an excessive show of oneupmanship -

for instance, extravagant reception's, the more bling worn by the bride the more impressive [in the bride's own wee mind, that is], videotapin the entire circus for "posterity", and summat - tend to be wee islander's. and wee islander's only.

the similarities don't stop there, see emphasis:

...modern British brides, even the ones approaching (age-wise) the mid 40s and (size-wise) the high teens, want to be forever a princess...

somone please pass me a barfbag. whatever happened to the sanctity of marriage?

i'd like mine to be attended by just both set's of family and then adjourn to the nearest pub. celebratin till we are forcibly ejected the wee hour's.

oh, and moi bedecked in the finest tweed trousers-suit. and a pair of heeled boot's.

i'd like to keep it simple and dignified, that's why.

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August 22, 2005

today's toons

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is it just me or have the standards of grammar been deterioratin so rapidly that it became incomprehensible?

sample the followin:

"... she works with three management consultancies who are market leader's..."

i thought it should be "which" since management consultancies are commercial entities? i even spotted a blogger that uttered, "the cat who.."

yeah animal's are living breathin creatures that have personalities also. but they are usually labelled "it" as us human's can't differentiate a tom from a queen with a mere glance; unless of course if we are very certain of its sex:

that ginge, who keeps the surrounding free of pests, impresses his owner so much that he is rewarded with fancy premium food.

so ok, there are those who'd argue that language evolves constantly, but surely grammatical rule's are to be observed? rules are in place so that people can communicate with one another intelligibly. amongst other reason's. it's not for us to mangle the language beyond recognition.

or have i become intolerable towards change?

i know, my grammar on this fine blog is not that perfect either. but hell, it's a medium where i jot my inner thought's down, hence the site title.


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August 21, 2005

a massive shame

see what's happening to one of my favouritest sport's:

The game of [field] hockey has not been faring too well on the wee islet lately and now wants to make a comeback.

the *only* PE game that i was quite rather good at whilst in school.

anyways, i can speculate a few reason's as to why the sport is in the doldrum's:
1. 99.99% of em girlies are only interested in sport that allow em to flap, wave and screech like loony banshee's throughout - egs: basketball, netball, volleyball
2. wee islander's of both sexes have very poor hand-eye-brain co-ordination - that may explain why footy reigns amongst the blokes
3. girlies dislike being covered with bruises, so god forbid if opponent's "accidentally" hit their sticks against said girlies
4. wee islander's of both sexes only take up pseudo-sport that are popular with the masses - egs: wakeboardin, water skiing, dragon boating, touch rugby - which incidentally, are favoured by white expat's

unless the hockey federation takes a leaf out of the islet's rugby union's book of aggressive marketing, i'm afraid hockey will suffer the same fate as squash.

the game that the islet achieved respectable bluemarble wide standin from the mid 80's till early 90's.

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bring out the handkies


this article - further proof that the media are playin on my our sympathy towards that unfortunate brazilian's dirt poor family - raises a pair of glaring point's that are totally illogical. way beyond comprehension:
1. the parent's were heavily sedated when they met the police chief

2. sample the followin bollocks:

Mrs de Menezes added: "The policemen must have been blind. My son was white. The man they were after was a black man"

ta muchly mrs de wotsit, you've just intensified my prejudice towards latin american's. in general. and btw, how come you were drugged when knowin full well you's were meeting the englishmen?

moreover, if anyone thinks that the de wotsits' sob stories would move everyone on this blue marble, i'd say that they only serve to disrupt anti-terrorist operations. as well as sowing distrust towards the copper's amongst the public at large.

and contrary to popular opinion, their lawyer's preyed on their vulnerability and naivete to a certain extent. nor the remark implying only black's are capable of terrorism was uttered out of sheer ignorance.

pity, the only thing that's admirable about brazil is the footy.

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August 20, 2005

must watch

if and when it hits these shores.

if it ever does, that is.

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trumpet blowing

never a day passes without any trumpet blowin from the wee islet.

especially so if a "home-grown" - whatever that means - manufacturer makes inroads overseas.

make that, market domination in the overseas [read: EU and US] markets. this time, wee island assembled [as opposed to "made in..."] personal computer's will be sold at asda wal-mart all over the UK. hoping to make massive profit's by crimbo - very opportunistic, that.

i mentioned wee island-assembled 'cos all those various parts inside are made elsewhere, like thailand and vietnam where IC chips and component's are produced en-masse. additionally, plants making disk drives shifted to china and malaysia after the last economic downturn. the last well-known US hard-disk manufacturer shut their operation's down just a few year's ago.

all due to the availability of cheaper [ie: exploitable] manual labour, lower overhead costs; and the islet's grand ambition's of becoming a knowledge-based economy.

besides, the MD's name sounds mightily subcontinental indian, it makes skirling's off a bagpipe sound sweeter.

erm, which actually is. skirling's i meant.

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August 19, 2005


just lookin at this piccy makes me melt putting antarctica down as one of the must-see destination's - apart from the arctic [read: polar bears and igloo's], madagascar and loch ness [for obvious reason's]:

it's one of those few remaining isolated places where sighting's of a particular animal species are rare.

or none whatsoever.

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oh dearie me

stolen the followin from somewhere - you know, from a link to a link to another.. you's get the drift:

International Chart

A diverse professional team has assessed the words and actions of internationally known contemporary leaders to give you an idea of how they relate to each other on the political compass.


the letter b is allegedly an authoritarian leftist. soz, the image - for some reason or other - couldn't be copied. further proof that i've been livin on the wee islet for far too long.

or that i'm a natural-born commie after all. woeful. and do take a careful peek above to see who i've got for company.

well, sample the followin evidence:

People with serious inheritable disabilities should not be allowed to reproduce

to which i answered "strongly agree" 'cos the image of em homo mongoloidis's suddenly appeared. rather vividly.

who would've thunk. me, a fascist.


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reliving the moment

an email from the brit chamber floated into the inbox:


Thursday, 22d September 2005 – some posh hotel

Eyes glued to the big screen, the IOC Chairman was opening the envelope that would reveal the winner of the closest Olympic bid contest in history.

Then the words came…
“London”. Then he repeated it, “London”.

You backed the bid. We won. Now lets celebrate this historic victory.

September 22nd 2005
some posh hotel


Dress – party casual or best patriotic dress

Come and relive the victory with:

· Free flow wine & beer
· Great British food (and proud of it)
· Live jazz band & disco
· Get the inside story on how we won the bid

bloody hell, it costs 90 quid just to attend this party. 90 quid, mind. just to rub shoulders with em snooty scion's of the brit community.

who may just be council estate chav's once upon a time. or who still ain't aware that the sun had set on the empire a L-O-N-G time ago.

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let me repeat this..

to those half-european half-asian wotsit's, for the last time, yous ain't *eurasian*, geddit?

[it's sacrilegious enough for any twat to claim Peranakan heritage when they can't even comprehend a word of our language. pah.]

it's yer asian mum's who had got this fanciful notion that their mate's would totally envy em for producing half-caste bairn's. ie: you's. you know, the myth that by mating with yer white father's, you's will look mightily caucasian.

obviously, yer mum's haven't got a clue that there are those who did turn out a 'mare. like a science experiment gone horribly awry.

and that's what yer mum's have been craving all along. a notch up the social ladder. no, to inflate their rather low [or non-existent] self-esteem, more like it. and i tell ya, the glamour of being a half-caste is temporary. but being perpetually confused as to what you's really are isn't. especially so when wotsit's like you do not have an established community to fall back on.

so do me a favour, don't sully the good name of em genuine eurasian's. GEDDIT?


and btw, i'm not the only git who's outraged by your claim. sample this rant by a young malaysian eurasian lass, nicked without permission:

... it's good to have people which have similarities as i do as it is hard to live alone in this world. it's also a comfort as it is rather irritating as the word eurasian is fequently misused nowadays.

just because this word brings misconception that "eurasian" are suppose to look like caucasians, we are therefore jeered at for supposedly having the "audacity" to claim on our heritage.

asians who marry whites today have children which freely claim their stake as eurasians just because of the glamorous myth of being mixed, and looking mixed. our heritage is vague but our spirit is strong and we shall not let other people rob us of our identity..

she has it down pat. bless.

the reason for this whinge? an english blogger popped up from nowhere calling himself eurasian. and i thought his lot is widely known as *coloured*. in the UK. and then i spotted the bit that his mum's wee islander. that explains.

and he looks like a chink with pasty skin. who signs off with his chinese name. what makes it worse is asian cunt's droolin - as well as explicitly stated what they'd like to do - all over him. like he's the bestest ever creation by god.

and i searched in vain for a pair of sharply pointed objects to poke me blinker's.

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August 18, 2005

what they really meant

the aussie definition of culture:

Instead of Shakespeare the Aussies have sunshine. In place of Beethoven, there are beaches.

by a sheila who tells it as it is to brit's wanting to re-settle down under.

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all hell broke loose

it's the hungry ghost month according to the chinese lunar calendar as we speak [it commenced on 6th august this year]; which the journo of this piece has brilliantly and neatly summarised about.

i may not agree with any of the organised religions' dogma [statistically buddhist/taoist but i visit the church more often], but the seventh month is one that i've been observin for yonk's. apart from what's been recounted by mates and relative's, no one could actually explain why gust's of wind only come around in the evenings.

and it gets only more windy on the first and last day's of the month. without fail.


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sky tumblin

i guffawed rather loudly when i spotted this "headline":

Organisers plan to make the wee islet the Asian base for skydiving

reet, so this "sport" has quite a following ere after all, 400 thereabouts, eh. or so the organiser's would like us to believe.

regardless, the skydiver's are rather lucky - so far - to not stray off course and then tumbling right into the sea surrounding the islet.

or so i was led to believe.

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August 17, 2005

a slight difference of opinion

whilst trawlin the net for data gathering - pertaining to the biz that is -

i chanced upon the following tidbit's that seemed to contradict popular opinion. or to me at least:

one of those PR bollock's
thai's of chink ancestry integrated so well with the indigenous population that both co-exist harmoniously. the reason - as touted by many - is that both happened to be buddhist.

little-known fact
immigrant chink's - back in the 19th century or earlier - were treated with disdain, and as second-class citizen's. which was and still is commonplace everywhere around the blue marble. regardless of ethnic background's.

moreover, em chinese were "encouraged" to adopt thai name's. or rather, to modify their chinese name's so that they appear native.

so, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to work out why they were easily assimilated, innit?

duh?worthy comment made by a defective cow, who apparently has limited knowledge of folk other than her own "race"
a half-german, half-wee island chink airhead of a bint whom said cow interviewed [for a trashy rag disguised as an entertainment magazine] is termed *exotic*. what's laughable is said half-german, half-wee island chink airhead of a bint can't even string a decent [written] english sentence together to save her life.

[ok, so german's her first language. and unsurprisingly, her current beau's half-german and half-chink also. bird's of same feather flock together eh?]

anyhoo, how should the letter b be classified then? a confused mongrel? yeah i know, i'm a confused git to begin with, but that's another matter altogether.

in fact, to call said half-german, half-wee island chink blah *eurasian* - apart from "exotic" ::puke:: - is a right insult to proper long-established eurasian's of separate distinct cultures.

not to mention, outrageous.

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August 16, 2005

that perennial question

what's with bird's these days? or should liquor be served on long-haul flight's?

A WOMAN holidaymaker brought misery to a trans-Atlantic flight at 30,000ft after drinking a bottle of vodka.

and her lawyer conveyed to the court that this cunt was deeply sorry for her appalling behaviour.

oh, how about this:

A YOUNG woman began a catfight on a holiday jet after she got drunk and became embroiled in a family row.

and her defence was that she has been under tremendous stress. and then the finger was pointed at alcohol.

in other word's, why should the actions of a few deprive the rest of us of drinks whilst on the plane, innit. or that a legislation should be passed that council estate chavette's be disallowed from going on holiday outside the UK.

or any other wankin twat - posh snooty type's inclusive - who has problem's holding their drink's.

one may argue that's a tad draconian, but should other passenger's be inconvenienced and their safety compromised due to the idiocy of this lot?

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a way of life

they first stole the [international] headlines back in 1999 for riggin a premiership game. this time round, they tried their hand at scamming manchester shops with cloned credit card's.

this ain't surprising given that a jaunt to the state of johor - the nearest to the wee isle across the causeway - would end up having your car stolen by gang's of petty criminal's. in broad daylight.

the chances of recovering your car is literally zilch.

and i haven't even started about syndicates cloning wee island ID card's, and then sellin em to hordes of desperate illegal alien's. before the current security-enhanced type was introduced in the early 90's.

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August 15, 2005

the bandwagon b

can't believe it myself. i've been followin the Ashes day 5 results as we speak.

and to think that i was put in charge of cricket programming whilst workin at the ex-workplace of a madhouse. and didn't learn a single thing about the sport.

the irony.

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today's toons

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the evil empire

what has the blue marble become?

that infamous p0rno empire have licensed their trademark logo to WHSmith; whereby glittery pink stationery and such bear said logo, targettin impressionable wee lasses between the ages of 0 and 16.

and older also. em marketeer's may deny - till they go blue in the face - that said infamous p0rno empire do not have any malicious intent or motive's. whatsoever. yeah. right. who are they kiddin eh?

but it takes an absolute amoeba of a customer to not be somehow influenced by those subliminal messages. emitted by the equally evil-lookin bunny. and we are dealin with impressionable youngling's ere.

it's like handing out a wee superhero costume to a bairn and not expecting him to entertain fanciful idea's of possessin superhuman strength's. unless of course he has his head properly screwed on.

honestly, if this nonsense is not one massive insidious marketing ploy of inspiring hordes of future boob-and-wotever-else-flashin [reconstructed] bint's to be on their book's, what is?

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August 13, 2005

fella's, listen up?

i despaired when i came across this piece of utter bollock's - thinly disguised as fashion journalism.

really, the reported trio of self-appointed nothin-better-to-do trend-spotter's ought to be quickly rounded up, hung, drawn and then quartered. before they do more harm to the human race by screwin up more weak-minded types.

whatever happened to a trait called personality?

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cryin over spilt milk

a 26-year-old wee island single-mum-to-be

[who attained some rather "impressive" double degrees in the US] who very recently set up a blog [for the viewing pleasure of her mate's] to moan about what a cad her ex-boyfriend [a rather "impressive" double-degree US-educated graduate also] is; quickly took it down after horde's of busybodies intruded upon her.

after some wag recommended her site on this blog bulletin thingy.

most of said busybodies - as quite expected - were moved by the one-sided account. whilst a handful took it upon emselves to track down the "irresponsible" sod. whilst another handful questioned her motives as she had explicitly stated - amongst other thing's - that the unborn bairn is spoiling her well thought-out career-and-life-path.

as word got around - given the size of the islet - someone claimin to be said ex-boyfriend gave his side of the story on someone else's blog. who trackbacked the wee saga. and then some well-meaning types pleaded privacy for this pair of screwed-up youngling's.

in short, further proof that certain organism's ought to be removed from the gene pool. the soonest possible.

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August 12, 2005

it takes a scot..

reet. if cricket ever becomes the national sport of these eastern european countries, we have this chap to thank for.

bless him.

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a matter of time

it's stories like this that affirms my belief that regardless how trivial one's dream is, it will be realised some day.

if you choose to believe in yerself, that is. never mind the naysayer's who:
(a) think your pursuit is unconventional
(b) think your bein unrealistic and daft
(c) dish out the rejection's
(d) dare ridicule you

it's a tough battle but nothing's sweeter than givin one back to em naysayer's, "nyehnyehnyehnyehnyeh".

oh, and throw *the* finger for good measure.

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August 11, 2005

wee island idiosyncracies

it's been awhile since i last blahed about the wonderfully annoying but bewilderin behaviour of wee islander's - in general - innit.

anyhoo, do take a random peek at this lovely blog by this fabtastic lass [who has the patience of a saint when dealing with amoebae] who works with the wee island cat welfare society - a non-profit outfit that looks after the general well-being of alley cat's. so that feckless twat's have no ground's to demand that moggy's be exterminated just because they breed indiscriminately. for example.

yeah, it makes one wonder which particular [sub] species breeds indiscriminately though.

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August 10, 2005


now that manyoooo have a footy player called Park Ji-wotsit -

or somesuch - won't it be a tad, erm, disturbing - if not perplexin - when and if a commentator utters:
"...the players are now all over [the] park.."

that aside, for a nation whose national sport is not footy [baseball, if my memory serves me correctly], it's a remarkable achievement to wear the colours of one of the top premiership club's. if not the cosmoverse. innit?

unlike a certain islet [apart from the claim that footy is the national sport] which makes sure the headlines is bold and massive each time a youth player; or unproven "national" team benchwarmer goes to:
(i) a third division english side
(ii) an unpronounceable eastern european club that nobody heard of

for a mere two-week trial. and then returnin home empty-handed.

an international joke, that.

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peek closely at the piccy below:

see those ties? is it just me, or are these new manyooo owner's tryin a tad too hard ingratiatin emselves with us, *genuine* manyooo fan's? apart from making their presence felt ::note sarcasm:: at their first home game?

no, i can't tell em apart either. it's not those ties, may i add.

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distant relatives

german boffin's have discovered a new lemur species - named Microcebus lehilahytsara - which could help shed light on the evolution of humankind.

being an island rich in biodiversity, madagascar could be where i head to for my next hol's.

if time permits.

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August 09, 2005

the fourth decade

today's the wee islet's 40th anniversary "celebrating" its seperation from malaysia.

and no, i'm totally clueless as to wot the "nation-building" bollocks is all about which popped up only a few yonk's ago. it could mean several thing's but i don't give a toss.

all i can say is the "country" [it's roughly one-fourth - or smaller - the size of london] that i was once proud to be part of [i was but a naive 14-year-old who was brainwashed by propaganda] is not what it cracked up to be.

and i haven't even started about em homo mongoloidis who seem to replicate like there's no tomorrow.

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August 08, 2005

mate's for life

stories like this never fail to warm the cockles of me heart.

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abusin the system

i'm flabbergasted after readin this article on alopecia-sufferin bird's:

.. it's essential that this treatment exists on the NHS because there are so many girls out there living half a life. Your hair is part of your sexuality and your glamour and without it you can feel like your whole word has come apart. It is a very isolating experience."..

right, but at taxpayers' expense? so a bird's self-esteem depends solely on her crownin glory? there's this thingy called a wig innit? and there are alternatives like the head scarf and hat, innit?

and i thought being glamorous is a state of mind? non?

methinks there's absolutely nothin wrong with being bald [one can't stop illnesses from occurin, innit?] as long as there's enough skilfully-applied warpaint to make one appear as glamorous - if not more.

and if one doesn't wish to spend much time warpaintin, put on the head scarf or hat and then match em with a pair of 60's style dark shades, and some deep red lipstick or lipgloss - very elegant, non?

but really, if one's not brave to go bald, then when is society goin to learn and accept premature baldness as a fact of life?

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August 07, 2005


this is bleedin obvious.

You Belong in the UK


A little proper, a little saucy.

You're so witty and charming...

No one notices your curry breath

What English Speaking Country Do You Belong In?
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August 06, 2005


my braincell's are rather knackered these few day's what with:
1. keeping an eye on me mum
2. helpin out with the housework - domesticated, moi?
3. making yet another trip to the hospital yesterday - such that i can now recall where specialist wards are located

that a short break would be nice. where to? i have no idea whatsoever. i don't fancy doing nearby destination's as there ain't any decent photogenic landscape or architecture.

unless i return to the UK which will mean a much longer hol's. and skivin from work.


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i'm not sure if it's the same twat who dropped by this lurvely blog *thrice* mind, over the past couple of week's, lookin for: mandarin chinese pick up lines

my, these amoebae never ceased to amaze me with their [exceptionally low] level of intellect.

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no, my braincell's ain't workin, that's why. and i can't decide which appeals to me most.

You are pure, moral, and adaptable. You tend to blend into your surroundings. Shy on the outside, you're outspoken to your friends.

You believe that you live a virtuous life...
And you tend to judge others with a harsh eye.
As a result, people tend to crave your approval.

The World's Shortest Personality Test

You are dependable, popular, and observant.
Deep and thoughtful, you are prone to moodiness.
In fact, your emotions tend to influence everything you do.

You are unique, creative, and expressive.
You don't mind waving your freak flag every once and a while.
And lucky for you, most people find your weird ways charming!

The World's Shortest Personality Test

this is a tad worryin. i'm certified weird the second time round.

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nicked from Alice and krip without permission.

You Are 50% Weird
Normal enough to know that you're weird... But too damn weird to do anything about it!
How Weird Are You?

heh. that's nothin new.

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August 04, 2005

clones, and more clones

the "news" about that successful canine cloning in south korea?

how come i've got this feeling that it'll end up as someone's dish after the publicity dies down?

come winter?

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too much of a coincidence?

this year's the 400th anniversary of the gunpowder plot.

a tad disconcerting, that. i meant the trainin abroad bit.

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wanting that cake and gobblin it too

greedy sod's. and yep, a gobful that.

anyhoo, about the issue that certain misled brit muslim's turning against the very society that allows em to come and go as they please - like, spoutin the "..immoral decadent west, and we shall see that they all embrace islamic values soonest...." bollocks which they utter ad nauseum.

how come they aren't rounded up as yet and then hang for treachery is anyone's guess.

it reminds me of em hongkies who came ere by the boatload's to resettle a few yonk's before the handover to the peopre's lepubrik in 1997. and the wee islet government quickly dished out free instant citizenship to this same group of ingrate's.

i said ingrate's cos:
1. they were given every opportunity to set up businesses or gain rightful employment
2. they were given automatic residence without restrictions of any sort

yet they do not hesitate to criticise rather loudly, [as we all know they are either a tad deaf or a bunch of uncouth wotsit's] in cantonese mind, about:
1. how ineffectual and idiotic wee islander's all are - who dare not go against the government
2. ethnic wee island chink's being traitor's towards the yellow race at large - for refusing to speak chink to one another
3. the wee island government being worse than the communist's who were takin over their "homeland"

such that a cab driver - who recounted a similar episode to me - braked his vehicle to a stop, and then forcing em twats out - off the islet as well. said twat's were taken aback, not just by his action but that he understood their rant's.

and there was once i encountered a family - or the entire village/clan/wotsit - in the train, who hollered to one another across the carriage. i glared and glowered at em apart from catchin the key words "the wee isle" and "em wee islander's".

yeah, they got the message alright when i muttered, "these bloody freeloadin foreigner's, eh?" in english to the passenger who sat next to me. whilst pointin at their direction.

that shut their gob's rightly. i thought i'd be in some sort of trouble, but i didn't care.

if said twat's don't agree with wee island values and way of life, why bother livin ere? they should fuck off to whence they come, not bringing along their bad habit's and expectin their host's to accommodate em.

thank goodness though that most departed to places like vancouver afterwhich. and there are sporadic whingeing's that native's there couldn't recognise the surrounding's anymore.

tough luck, mate.

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August 02, 2005


me mum's surgery went well, it took place at quarter past 8 thereabouts. she was discharged at 9:35. a.m that is. we're returning to the hospital tomorrow afternoon for post-op checking's.

seeing so many old folk admitting for similar surgeries this mornin - and the speed that each was taken to and wheeled out from the operating theatre - i was gobsmacked.

weirdly enough, there's hardly any of non-chink ethnicity. is it something to do with the dna or wot?


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hiroshima, anyone?

i nearly spluttered upon readin this:

In Japan people think it rude to say "you"..

oh really? what i can recall from my very limited knowledge of the japanese language is:
1. there are two ways to say "you" - o-kia sa-ma and a-na-ta
2. o-kia sa-ma - when addressin a stranger; or more specifically, the higher being's
3. a-na-ta - when addressin someone of equal status; or more specificially, the lower being's

i was spoken to by some jap cow once who assumed that *all* wee islander's speak jap:
"blah incomprehensible yadda *a-na-ta* blah more incomprehensible yadda"

it took an enormous effort on my part not to remind her of those mushroom clouds extend the finger. i pissed her off with an equally rude but louder reply of "wait!" [cho-to]. instead of "a moment please" [cho-to ma-te ku-da-sai].

bunch of ill-mannered hypocrite's. all those endless round's of bowing's are but a mere fuckin show.

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a right moan

a quote from a wee island amoeba: to dress scantily is a right.

reet. it begs the question, "but why?"

to which the reply is, in their usual typical fashion, "i got a beautiful trunk that's why! you jealous, IS IT??".

self-delusion is a fashionable virtue these day's. specifically on the wee islet.

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August 01, 2005

a right nuisance

i'm both appalled and amazed that some young wee island bint's who:

1. take potshot's at just anybody else - without assumin a pseudonym
2. posted loads of piccy's of emselves - in various provocative poses with camera's shoved in their mug's; as well as various stages of undress

have the audacity to rant and rave like loony banshee's when:
1. their blog's were hacked - apparently by a bloke
2. some twat emailed piccy's of himself starkers - and erm, more

and there are some who simply have to post no-brainer comment's on blog's by misguided white fella's who:
1. blah about their mundane day-to-day existence on the islet
2. are apparently fluent in wee island engRish chav-speak

honestly, such attention-seeking cow's ought not be allowed near to a computer. nuff said.

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rock on

i'm not surprised that both the winner and runner-up of the school rock band contest were malay.

honestly, an ethnic chink chav warbling to motley crue is not only cringeworthy but laughable as well. apart from the distinct chinese twang, there's no originality to their styling as they tend to copy their rock idol's.

which fail miserably of course. especially the orleng [orange] or puhpre [purple] hair dye bit. or the carefully-slashed bits on the jeans.

oh, and don't make me start about the barnet.

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