July 31, 2005

do excuse me

for all those fluffy blah's of late. and possibly more to come.

soz, folk's. me mind's been preoccupied by me mum's cataract surgery this coming tuesday. and him.


but do keep yer eye's peeled. i may come up with somethin absolutely brilliant. as per the usual.

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after all the publicity that was generated by that trolley dolly, who was fired by her employer just because she erm, blogs;

i decided to pay it a visit to see what the hoo-ha was all about.

ok, so i'm several moon's late. well, with all those provocative posing's in her ex-work uniform whilst inside the plane - besides bringing the airline into disrepute, she's puttin her ex-colleague's bluemarble-wide in a situation whereby em amoebae can easily get the impression that they are as equally slutty.

not to mention, attention-seeking flasher's. one rotten apple spoils the whole barrel. oh, and there were a number of requests that she appears starkers.

and her argument that she didn't realise bloggin could put her job at risk, it reminds me of those joke's about em blondes.

but of course, not all blonde's are feckless. see the rotten apple / barrel bit above.

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the fashion victim b

can't believe it, can you's. neither do i.

anyhoo, i just bought meself a four-tiered full/L-O-N-G skirt - somethin akin to the piccy below - which self-proclaimed fashionista's claimed is a must-have bohemian/boho chic item. earlier this year or somesuch.

fashion slave bohemian, moi?

now, now, i'm not anti-skirt to begin with; but i hardly wear em for work these day's as they are not quite an entirely practical piece of clobber. what with the runnin around and such.

and i found it a bother having to wear a typical-length skirt with heel's. you can't possibly run after a bus or train with 3" spindly heel's, innit?

no, i have a pair of spindly twig's for leg's, more like it. so with the comeback of the gypsy or long skirt [which were my favouritest item's many many many ::ad inifinitum:: moon's ago] i have every excuse to wear it with my boot's.

not to mention, the excuse to pile on as many accessories as possible. like a massive flower brooch and string of pearl's. and indian-style patterned scarf.

crikey, that'll make me look quite a sight. not for work, definitely.

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stolen without permission off some wee island bird who's workin or summat in london - oooh i'm mighty jealous, not - blog:

Your Inner European is Irish!

Sprited and boisterous!

You drink everyone under the table.

Who's Your Inner European?

must be all those gallon's of guinness, i tell ye.

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July 30, 2005

one northern git bird

a run-through of my large [not] cd collection has just thrown up some non-surprises: those i decided not to trade in - apart from the classical's - turned up to be northern band's.

which are mostly manc's and scouser's. indie rocker's of course.

so my lurve for thing's northern goes beyond favourite footy team's, grammar and fling's fella's then.

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with bated breath

for the naming of this new find. i just can't wait for news that it could be habitable.

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a peek at these old piccy's of the area - where i live for 30 odd years now - makes me nostalgic. it was right up till the early 80s that the once familiar sight of thatched village ["kampong" in malay] houses and coconut tree's completely disappeared.

the only other place that is seemingly a carbon copy of life back then is up north in malacca, malaysia. coincidentally the birthplace of my peranakan community.

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how apt

for a gala dinner skit at the Asean summit thingy, the russian foreign minister got kitted out as darth vader.

they were the evil empire back then before the disintegration innit?

cue: the imperial march

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July 29, 2005

good golly

sample the followin piccy. the image of mrs becks being a cunt [ie: surgically attached to the husband; and at the same time throwin eye dagger's at every opportunity] whilst ere for the olympics thingy still spooks me till this day.

what a sham, their marriage is. if it is what it appears to be.

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July 28, 2005


ta to both krip and cabarfeidh for the following:

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misdirected outrage

like what the ex-PM, sir john had said the other day, it's about time to deport those who take advantage of the very institution that provides them.

really, the UK have been too kindly to this bunch of spongin ingrate's. they keep on takin without giving back to the society at large.

now i know why the wee island government insisted that muslim's ere take responsibility of their very own existence. instead of invokin their special right's and wotnot's at every opportunity.

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yesterday whilst headin home in the bus mindin me own biz - with the *telly blarin the speaker's off -

the trailer for this film came on which left me totally gobsmacked. no, it's not what you's are thinkin. it's em incredible flyin machines, and the gobwatering dogfight's.

::eyes glazed::

the title is a tad rather misleadin. i thought the filmmaker's meant this beauty - given the delta wing's - as it turned out, a fictitious plane based on a soon-to-be rolled out replacement of the F-111 - the FB-111 switchblade. or so claimed the trivia wag.

that's hollywood for ye. regardless, i'm waitin for the dvd release instead of spendin 8 quid at the cinemas. not that i'm a tightwad, on the contrary, i can slo-mo the dogfight scenes just to admire the aircraft.

talk of which, perhaps it's time i replace the spitfire desktop wallpaper with said aircraft.

btw, pertaining to the aircraft carrier that's got a starrin role - i hosted one of the sailor's through this programme - back in early february when it came a-visiting after the tsunami tragedy. it was a humbling experience, meetin and chatting with personnel of one of the most famous carrier's. as well as hearin the sad tales of said tragedy.

though it was a real shame that a visit to the carrier was not possible due to security reason's - no thanks to 9/11.

* aye, there are telly's on buses over ere, involuntarily paid for by us commuter's. through rising bus fare's that is.

credit's: ta muchly to the site owner's whose aircraft piccies i shamelessly nicked without permission.

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July 27, 2005


sample the following tidbit, see emphasis:

Rumour Of The Day
'Bomber Said is a big Arsenal fan and idolises striker Thierry Henry' - The Sun.

the horror. repent, all ye fan's of the gooners.

::SPLAT! - sound made by a spattered egg or pizza::

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one of the four 21st july suspect's has been arrested in brum. hooray.

now, perhaps countries like brazil and their citizen's could learn a thing or two ere. talk of which, if a british subject was "mercilessly executed" by brazilian copper's, would the equally dodgy government be as forthcomin and profoundly apologetic?

i think not. they'd be too busy participatin in a carnival or three to do so as there seems to be one every other day.

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July 26, 2005

i've no idea. really.

a conversation with a family acquaintance went like this:

family acquaintance [FA]: i've known you for year's and your not married yet! i already have grandchildren... blah yadda.. you must be very choosy then!
the letter b [TLB]: em fella's don't quite know how to handle me that's why
FA: don't be so fierce towards men you know, otherwise you'll frighten all of them away!
TLB: no, they are wimp's. nuff said
FA: ...

i could have replied that i'm a lesbo, that's why. regardless, like i have had always believed, it's not my loss. life goes on, no regrets - but after filling up bucket's of wotever - blah yadda blah.

i know this may sound shocking comin from moi - and something that the militant among feminist's may not be chuffed to hear - i'm one who's willin to adopt my future spouse's family name. without the fashionable double-barrel bollocks that only those with self-esteem issue's favour.

although there are bint's out there who take on their spouses' surnames simply to raise their lowly status.

besides, i have no problem's with the obeiance bit if he gives good enough reasons as to why i should. of course, i'd expect him to respect my wishes and/or decision's in return if i were to object.

so, why i'm still single? i have no fuckin idea.

don't get me wrong, i'm not moanin or rueing over missed opportunities. on the contrary, i consider meself blessed that i have my family and fab mates lookin out for me. not to mention, all of you's who keep comin back to this blog despite the utter useless crap i dish out.

i mean, i could feel the lurve.

so what more can i ask, eh?

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nicked off the economist:

After soccer, what is Mexico’s most popular sport, with 7m a year attending live matches?

A: professional wrestlin

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of tortoises et such

now that the UK will be expectin more *tortoises tourist's from the peopre's lepubrik of china, the followin cringeworthy behaviour will be more commonplace.

which of course doesn't do any good to folk who happen to look remotely like em - ie: moi.

.. What do you think of London, Lin Li?"

"I am very lucky dog to be here! This is American English. It means, I am very lucky lady indeed."

"How have you found the British so far?"

"Very helpful and kindly and warm-hearted. For example, yesterday, when we arrived at the hotel and were waiting for the lift, a woman, she pressed the button for me! And then when I entered the room, the lights had no power, and a man came to put them on!"

but of course, the kind lady pressed the button for you's 'cos you's might had been starin yer eyeballs out at the lift and doin nothin, you #@$%!?! cow.

btw, are ye from the deepest boondock's?

just like the horrifying encounter i had with a massive bunch of hongkies hoverin and starin their eyeball's out at the underground map - whilst at lancaster gate; lookin dazed and mumblin amongst emselves. in cantonese.

just because they have the dosh to make their way to the UK - and the fact that not everyone in the lepubrik could do so - these tortoises, soz tourist's would not only turn obnoxious; but demand road and tourist spot sign's in chink as well.

and they'd justify themselves with bollocks like (i) them bringin in the dosh (ii) significant numbers of mainland chink tourist's (iii) there are many of their **"fellow countrymen" in the UK, so it's a disgrace if their need's are not catered to.

no, their threatenin not to make returning visit's more like it.

this exact same scenario is happenin right ere on the wee isle which ashamedly, the bunch of tourism authority wanker's are carryin out. apart from their rant's that wee islander's being chink emselves [?!] don't seem to speak much chinese. PARDON?

tourism is evil, i tell ye.


* just right before the 'o' levels english oral tests, as our teacher reminded us to enunciate words properly; she regaled us about her invigilatin a bunch of chink-schooled students who pronounced "tourists" as "tortoise".

how we all larfed, holdin our sides. incidentally enough, there is an apt chinese dialect [hokkien] word to describe said #@$%!?! cow, which translates into english as "mountain tortoise".

** they'd identify anyone remotely yellow as their own when it comes to a show of numbers.

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the pioneer life

this could surely be an idyllic place to live in:

..Sitting under big, blue skies and surrounded by endless wheat fields...

honestly, i don't mind the s-l-o-w pace of life. nor bowling all evenin.

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July 25, 2005


and we thought it only happens to human's only:

A missing cat turned up at his own funeral.

and the neighbour didn't realise his own moggy had expired?

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lost in translation?

it's high time for a universal translator methinks:

INTER Milan are on their way to England after reversing their decision to withdraw from a four-match pre-season tour over security fears.

they are just so afraid of being seen as a bunch of sissy's, innit. or someone might had called em coward's, hence the u-turn. but said cowards claimed it was a misunderstandin after all.

yeah. right.

..the victim's cousin, Alex Pereira, who is based in London, said: "[The police] have to pay for [Friday's killing] in many ways, because if they do not, they are going to kill many people, they are going to kill thousands of people.

"They just kill the first person they see, that's what they did.

"They killed my cousin, they could kill anyone."

it was reported on another newspaper that this same Alex Pereira spoke in portuguese to journo's. and i wonder what form of compensation they expect from the police for "executing" - to quote another brazilian - that unfortunate sod.

like paying for his father's medical treatment perhaps? cue: more sobbing's.

regardless, just because em latin american's do not trust their police, that doesn't give them an excuse to accuse the british police of incompetence and showin off - whatever that means.

oh and a brazilian's life seems far more precious than 8 million londoners', eh?

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don't come near me!

i'm hit with a bout of sneezing's and such the whole day today that i can hear echoes inside my brain.

heh. probably a pint of guinness could help.


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July 24, 2005

out with the knives

the adverse reactions towards the death of that brazilian is clear evidence of the rapid rise in numbers of homo mongoloidis.

these homo mongs' obvious lack of common sense and collective ignorance - or more specifically, refusal to know why the police reacted the way they did made me weep.

they don't seem to pause and ask why he ran and jumped over the barriers when told to stop - he probably thought he was still in brazil. so claim's about his legitimacy of residency and proficiency in english are rather contradictory innit. even an eyewitness mentioned he grabbin a passenger before tripping.

oh and what was the winter coat deal?

so in other words, said amoebae would rather more people be blown up into pieces than some poor sod be shot. are they really sorry for said sod or are they just being self-centred - like they don't give a damn as to what happens to the society at large as long as it doesn't happen to them?

also, is it of any wonder why islamist terrorists thrive so well?

like wot wee islanders would say, it was just that twit's bad luck. and i hope the police do not give in to all those PC nonsense by reviewing the shoot to kill policy.

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July 23, 2005

quaked in their [footy] boot's

further proof as to why i hate italian footy cheat's:

...A statement on Inter's official website said: "Football has taken a step back because of increasing serious events which touch the sensitivity of everyone. For this reason, and given the situation, the club has decided to cancel the team's tour of England."...

massive wimp's. 'nuff said.

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quaked in their boot's

the reaction that followed the shooting of a suspected suicide bomber:

"Does that give the police any reason to go and shoot people in public?" said the young woman. "It's just ridiculous. It's not going to help - it's just going to trigger even more trouble."

ah, the further self-victimisation of the muslim community in the UK, given the current climate of "fear".

and if they don't harbour any ill-feelings or thoughts of killing, erm, "non-believers", what is there to fear about? i mean, they have a choice to bunk off to places that would welcome them with wide open arms, innit?

that aside, isn't it double standards that non-muslims are obligated to show sensitivity by not wearing anything revealing whilst visiting or working in islamic countries; yet hijabed / jilbabed bird's are allowed to roam freely in christian societies?

oh soz, britain is a multicultural society. yeah, i'm so terribly *outdated*.

if those sensitive ultra-PC twerp's - one of whom a certain QC called Cherie Booth - proclaim that said birds have a right to dress accordingly to the dictates of their religion, i'd like to point out that the rights of the 56 dead on july 7th were violated.

human right's, my arse.

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July 21, 2005

wot do they know?

please don't let em wee island bird's get a hold of this utter nonsense:

...No-nos included Ugg boots, flat shoes, all trousers except jeans, low-slung jeans and the visible G-string look. Among the "hits" were "femininity", the secretary look (skirt suits), bikinis and anything with Kate Moss inside it...

heh. perhaps these same bunch of wankin twats should take a good look at emselves first before tellin us what they find appealin. eh?

frankly, if a fella i fancy tells me exactly the same, i'd not hesitate to hand him a skirt and then makin him wear it for the rest of the day.

btw, wot's the diff between trousers and jeans? why, the phrase "wearing the trousers" came to said wankin twats' mind?

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not again

wankin bastards.

and now they're resortin to nail bomb's. very IRA-ish. have they changed their tactics since they didn't achieve their aim a fortnight ago?

or is this a copycat?

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bitin the hand that feeds em

snipped off the northerner:

You knew it was a big story when the US TV crews turned up with the lacquer-haired anchorman. There were Japanese crews too, plus a worried-looking Belgian journalist scuttling past the wheelie bins in the back alley behind Colwyn Road, in Beeston, Leeds, the home of London bomber Shezhan Tanweer.

The media mob grew bigger every day last week and everyone living in the terraced grid of streets was probably interviewed at least twice. At times like this, locals tire of notebooks and lenses pretty quickly and urge us to shove off.

But not in Beeston. After the two-minute silence, staff of the Hamara community centre distributed bottles of mineral water to reporters.As bomb squad teams prised open the shutters of the youth centre on Lodge Lane, a man carrying a bottle of orangeade and pile of plastic cups handed out free drinks to those gasping in the sun.

A reporter from the Yorkshire Post said a local greengrocer had given her a free watermelon. In other hotspots they might well have thrown it at her. And as police searched another house in a quiet road in nearby Dewsbury, a resident saw the sweat on my brow and gave me an ice lolly.

The paradox of Beeston is that this centre of inner-city deprivation, which harboured fanatical suicidal killers, appears also to be a place of multiracial and multi-religious harmony. "This is a beautiful area with lots of different people, ideas, clothes, music. Everyone learns something from each other," said one very young-looking father of six.

Perhaps his glasses would have been rose-tinted, had he been wearing any. But in the shop behind him the Asian British owner (from Swindon) discussed the news with her white British friend (from Cornwall). He promised to help her find a way through the police cordons to the cash and carry.

Beeston, on the basis of a three-day visit, does not feel like Bradford, Burnley or Oldham, scene of riots in 2001 and now the target of government cohesive community strategies. Perhaps, amid the horrors, there are lessons to be learned in Leeds.

i'm very sure the four of em are rotting in hell as we speak.

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old news

why i take pleasure in takin potshots at young wee island slag's:

1. whose clothes are getting sparser by the day - "why? we are living in tropical country, what!"
2. whose clothes are tinier by the day - exposing more in the presence of white blokes; but hurling insult's at local bloke's for gawpin at em
3. who have this terrible need to expose their boobs - "if you've it [sic], flaunt it lah!"
4. who have this terrible need to enlarge their boobs so that they have an excuse to wear clobber two sizes smaller - "otherwise men won't look at me, you know!"
5. who would throw eye dagger's / dirty looks at their very own species who have better dress sense - regardless if the latter are old enough to be their gran, like how an 18-year-old wench did to me mum yesterday

the insolence.

.. a recent study revealed that the majority of women across Asia are wallowing in low self-esteem..

.. blah yadda...

It revealed that wee island women are generally unhappy with their bodies, with fewer than 3 per cent describing themselves as beautiful.

... yadda yadda yawn...

The study also revealed another interesting finding: wee island women do not get complimented frequently enough. In fact, it took an average of 95 days before a wee island woman was told she was beautiful.

Could this be the reason for the low self-esteem?


what a fuckin truckload of bollocks.

who in their effin right mind would want to compliment these mongoloid cheapskates anyway? what's more logic-defying is to their wee mind's, white fella's are much superior because they know how to compliment em. which means that they want to bonk em after all.

this comin from bint's who are supposedly better-informed and better-educated. as well as having far more career choices and equal opportunities at work. allegedly.

and i thought education supposed to boost both their self-worth and self-esteem, amongst other factors? it's highly possible that their quasi-educated peasant mother's corrupt further their already corrupted mind's [as if they have one to begin with].

like their very well-being depends on a bloke's word.

really, these cunt's ought to be [forcibly] sterilised to prevent a further threat to the already fragile existence of humankind.

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July 20, 2005

for fuck's sake

are the journo's so besotted with this wench that they have to give her more publicity than she deserves?

and no one seems to remind said wench about this:

... It was on the set of the film that he met and fell for 24-year-old Miller.

The affair began when Law was still married to Frost, the mother of his three children..

em both do deserve each other after all.

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r.i.p one of my favouritest sci-fi character's.

come to think of it, now i know why i could speak with a rather convincin glaswegian brogue.


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pray tell, wot's next?

nothing's sacred to em french. just right after the [mainland] chink's who'd eat just anythin that crawls or moves, the french now include horses as part of their pathetic cuisine.

...On the rare occasion that mustangs become available at American slaughterhouses, salivating Parisian gastronomes snap up the output, cover it in bacon and grill it to produce what is described as a very acceptable filet mignon...

it's very likely there's a chronic shortage of garden snails, frogs and wotnot's in la republique francaise.

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i could actually dedicate this rather apt tune to expat's and frequent biz traveller's all over the blue marble. sample the followin bit's:

Come home Billy Bird, International Business Traveller
Come home, come home, come home to where you once belonged

but repatriation brings another whole new set of problem's as well.

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July 19, 2005


ok, yeah so she was cheated by that lothario of a prat. so are countless of bird's all over the blue marble as we speak.

still, bbc news see it fit by havin that feckless bint fucking-starin-out of their front page the whole fuckin day today.

yeah, poor thing, she. btw, isn't that the name of an italian town also?

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stolen without permission. as per the usual.

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a deathly pursuit

bird's just aint satisfied with what they are endowed with. western bird's browning emsleves simply in the name of vanity. no, to appeal to the opposite sex, many of whom aren't getting enough of em latina's.

whereas their asian counterpart's are whitenin emsleves simply to get out of their lowly inferiority status. let me rephrase that - the fairer in complexion, the more attractive they are to the opposite sex.

yet they all whinge about men not respecting em whatsoever. the irony.

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July 18, 2005

of the same stock

my request to a mate about em korean's - for a work project - revealed the following nugget's:

1. they are extremely image conscious - that may explain why the bird's are disfigurin their mug's and trunk's through plastic surgery
2. motorist's have no basic manners whatsoever and they have no qualms mowin pedestrian's down
3. they treat western expat's better than asian expat's
4. they worship western luxury brand's
5. they are ever obsessed with the latest in technology
6. they are totally status conscious - and the menfolk strive for it through hard work

in fact, japs, thai's, viet's, wee islander's, hongkie's and such all share the same characteristic's. even filipina's, mainland chink and subcontinent women have image problems as well. who go as far as whitening their skin.

ok so do thai women. who associate darker complexion types with peasant's. i thought they all are of peasant stock who throw emselves at white blokes, non?

in short, all of em asian's - regardless of colour - possess varying degrees of similar mentality and behaviour. which is scary. especially for moi, who is inevitably tarred with the same brush.

bloody hell.

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legend's, em

they don't write such song's anymore, tunester's these days.

yeah i know, my age is showing.

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July 17, 2005

too late?

reading this pertaining to the UK being not vigilant with foreign cleric's who tend to preach brimstone and fire - i now understand why the wee island government set up this council to certify as well as conducting spot check's on imam's [who incidentally are mostly wee island malay's] deliverin friday sermon's.

which foreign busybodies claim said government are being meddlesome for the fact that they ain't muslim. and criticising the council itself as a government mouthpiece.

makes one wonder who's being meddlesome ere.

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an excuse

if male suicide bomber's were promised 72 virgin's ::snigger:: in heaven, what were their female counterpart's promised?

equal opportunities in heaven? or 72 of these *wotsit's?

had they been suffering - whatever that means - so much for their nonsensically warped causes that they had to take innocent lives together with em? if that's the case, then surely they had to share the 72 wotsit's with their victim's.


* :p - as in utterly gross.

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July 16, 2005

heard from the grapevine

had a chat with an ex-colleague who told me some rather disconcertin news about the ex-MadHouse of the workplace:

1. they are in the process of laying off a total of 179 people - possibly more - bluemarble wide
2. internet surfin is disabled
3. emails to individual's outside the organisation are monitored
4. incomin phone call's are tapped

woeful. thank god i fucked off moon's ago.

and i thought the MD announced the other day that last year was the first time they made profits.

what i could speculate is the long-drawn court battle in india over cricket telecast rights with their Indian rivals that bled the company. they dragged the latter to court over perceived infringements - every year - which said MD never failed to boast that they would win. just because they are a far superior as well as the cosmoverse's premier sport broadcaster.

serves em right that they lost their case yet again earlier this year. besides, they spent million's on the english premiership rights. for each broadcast region. in spite of complaint's from viewers that there's too much footy on the telly. just imagine being fed a daily staple of footy and sport news, 20 to 22.5 hour's a day.

even i got sick scheduling the darn thing.

all this came about through a self-deluded belief that their viewer's asiawide - except taiwan and the subcontinent - are clamourin for more footy and sport news. and all this while they don't realise that their production standards have been declining since the start of last season.

and the most perplexing bit is, instead of distributing the so-called profit's they had declared, they wasted it on revamping the transmission suites. to impress em visiting VIP twat's.

so idling chief and DW - cancel yer subscriptions immediately. i'd like to see em shut down their operation's altogether.

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not another one

this time from British Gas:

Fury as 2,000 gas jobs lost to India

despite the increasing concerns on outsourcing, there are many more twats out there who don't give a shite about loss of custom. isn't it time to shoot those wankin shareholder's also?

i myself have problem's understanding many overseas indian's - both verbally and written - whilst at the ex-workplace. what's more phoning a call centre for help?

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July 15, 2005


seems that whomever has an axe to grind with moi on the blogosphere, they'd inevitably label me as, see emphasis:
racist brit male

even after checkin this fine blog out. tsk, tsk.

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methinks such insanity should be stopped. at all costs. i mean, adult's goin gaga over em as well?

terribly deprived childhood, they all have had. also, ain't the thingy a tad overrated?

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how they'd react

nicked without permission, the below is self-explanatory:

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July 13, 2005

drastic measures

ere are some solution's to tackle extremism:

1. adopt the wee islet's housin rules on anti-ethnic enclaves, whereby every block of flat has got about only 25% of malay or muslim [ie: indian-muslim, chink-muslim, arab-muslim] occupation. you call that racism? nay, prevention's better than cure.

it's a well-known fact over 'ere that they are a very close-knit bunch who'd treat stranger's of the same faith like long-lost kin. religion is the glue that binds em together.

2. re-introduce compulsory national service which the wee islet adopted right away in 1967 - conscription of males of 18 years of age, regardless of race or creed. the idea behind it? cultivating sense of pride and loyalty.

3. forced conversion to the church of england/scotland, or catholicism. or even methodism. this is to ensure that churches all over the country are not empty on sunday's.

reet. who's the extremist ere, i wonder.

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shocked, em

the shock and disbelief expressed by those who knew that bunch of despicable twat's were not too dissimilar to reactions from the families of palestinian suicide bomber's.


"...he's a rather quiet but likeable jovial lad, very helpful and studious.. who lately has taken religious classes seriously..".

fictitious quote above, but you's get the drift.

or someone who suddenly decided to grow a beard and stopped quaffin beer altogether. to the utter joy and relief of their paki-born parent's.

disaffected, impressionable and misled youngster's all of em. who happened to appear rather british, well-educated and not religiously garbed whilst growin up. not to mention, a mighty disgrace to the community at large.

now that some pattern has already been established, would more of these types be closely monitored?

or will this lead to paranoia and further discord?

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how come?

he was horrified that the existence of his bastard, soz, lurve child had to be announced through, of all thing's, a *gossip mag.

wot dya expect from a *trolley dolly*, yer highness? a dignified closed-door business-like meeting??


* the letter b admits she used to read said gossip mag whenever she had her meal at delifrance. to improve her french, that is. but due to wee islanders' complaint's, it's been since replaced by dodgy local mag's.

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July 12, 2005

compare and contrast

interestin bit, see emphasis:

.. Singapore paper ICs were introduced in 1948 by the colonial government to identify those born in the State of Singapore and weed out illegal immigrants and other undesirables..

sounds familiar eh?

methinks "undesirables" is referred to those commies who wreaked much havoc over 'ere and malaysia - back then both were collectively known as "malaya" - during the period known as the emergency.

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further proof

sample the followin nonsense:

.. Gilles says sheep are stupid animals, unlike cows, which - he tells me - understand French...

that may explain why we've got the mad cow. or why the US blamed canada for their loony bovine incident. anyhooo, it's pretty obvious which particular language em sheep understand.

it starts with 'W'.

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July 11, 2005

big bro?

i know i'm gonna get stick for this. so ID card's anyone?

why do you's think identification of victim's took the authorities awhile to do so? yeah DNA and suchlike are more than suffice, but isn't it a quicker process if victims' thumbprints [wee island ID cards include thumbprints and blood types - as well as some barcode!] were taken and then compared with record's kept in a nationwide database?

alternatively, ID cards could be quickly searched for on the victim's bodies. that's why wee islander's are penalised heavily if they don't carry their ID's at all times. whilst out gallivanting that is. and the irony is ID card's ere - locally known as "I/C" = identity card - is a british legacy, immediately effected after independence.

and why should the police, MI5, and MI6 be wastin their time and resources scrutinising every CCTV tape, even beggin the public to email em their MMS's of the aftermath?

also, why should em minorities be afraid of being singled out if they don't harbour any evil intention's? they are afraid of selective racist treatment? if that's the case, they should return whence they or their grandparent's come instead of makin a right nuisance of emselves in other people's country.

perhaps it's become part of my identity that i don't feel my privacy is intruded when i'm asked for my I/C, or NRIC [national registration identity card] or I/C number - durin a job interview. or whilst fillin out a lucky draw coupon. only if and when individual's ask for my NRIC number would i ask, "why the fuck do you want to know?"

so, personal security or infringement of individual rights, these ID card's?

oh, and it's em twattin cunt's and their ilk who abuse their "civil liberties". whatever that means.

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talk about it

the term "afraid to lose" is recognised as a somewhat negative wee island trait of chink origin. so the wee islet set about having the blue marble's tallest hotel, the largest container port, the mightiest wotever. competition with other countries is endless and indefinite.

now, see what dubai's up to next. apart from its fanciful hotel on artificial islet, fanciful wotever one can name.

seems that there're a great deal of similarities between the islet and dubai then.

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ok, almost everyone's been talkin about it to death, so pardon my rambling's as i just gotta put my two shillin's worth down.

i just find it hard to reconcile the other day's atrocities with what's going on in eye-rack and afghanistan. those motherfucker's will find any darn excuse to terrify anyone, regardless of religious affiliation. even if britain were not involved with the war on terror, they will still carry out their "campaign". simply because britain is an ally of the US.

what justfied JI's planned attack on the wee isle anyway? these bastards' action only serve to prolong the bollocks in the middle east.

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heard from my mates and they are all ok. thank goodness.

whilst we are still on the subject, there are about 5,000 wee islanders either workin or livin in London. nary a scratch on any one of em 5,000.

either they are lucky or they were typically late for work.

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July 10, 2005


there's this fella whom i love
and adore to bits
tried my best to cheer him up
whenever he's down
but what do i get in return?
a betrayal of trust
like a stab to my heart
indeed a bloody effin fool i am

soz folks, normal service will resume shortly. whenever that is.

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July 09, 2005

where's the barf bag?

readin some of the more cringeworthy "profiles" at a dating site - i have too much time on me paws, apparently - it makes me wonder if these folk are just plain hopeful. or utter loser's.

the sincerity of some is rather suspect. i mean, could anyone out there be so perfect? also, could one be penfriends with anyone else when the motive of joining is less than wholesome?

and no, i'm not a member of such sites in case you's are wonderin. though i was many moon's ago as i was offered a free one-month subscription.

see the free bit.

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frog tossin

no, not a highlands game, that. just one of those event's to get into shape for 2012.

my first attempt was 46.98m, but as i'm one who never rests on her laurels, i tried again. and got a more respectable 48.7m. i must try harder however, so that i could be on the new year's honours list.

ta to krip for the link.

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July 07, 2005


can't help it but take potshot's at wee islander's of the homo mongoloidis stock - sample the followin snippet about that cowardly act:

.. Wow... I could have perished in the blast if I were in London...

and then this wankin twat-scum went on to reply to her reader that it could probably be the work of the french as they lost the bid. and added the HAHAHAHAHA bit for effect.

if i ever bump into this lowly scum in person anywhere on the islet...

addendum: if em islamic fundamentaltwats thought the brits would be scared witless, serves to show they are fuckin clueless. the IRA were terrorists also but at least they warned before they struck. and their targets were mainly the government and the armed forces. and they became rather predictable with the bomb's in the bin routine.

of course they are still terrorist in spite of, you's may argue. but today's dreadful incident is one of increasing desperation, as there's not many amoebae left to give em a, erm, fuck. and they aren't doin their brethren any favour either. nor anyone else wearin a turban, or of remotely asian appearance.

hopefully my mate's who just returned to london after being away for yonk's are ok - and they have just started on their new job's. and to you's who have families and mates there also.

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fuckin disgraceful

after yesterday's jubilation, this has to happen.

if it's the work of em islamic fundamentalists, could someone go nuke the whole lot of em?

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useless poll

in view of comments made the other day, and also plainly an excuse to reside in the UK - i know, i must be mad - i beg you's to help me decide if i should open yet another takeaway in yer neighbourhood.


nb: you's could actually vote more than once if you would like to have more takeaway varieties. or if your not quite sure.

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July 06, 2005


to think that london got into the race only at the eleventh hour. and to think that the lump-in-the-throat/tear-in-the-eye inducing london video was done by an amateur or three.

and to think that misguided wee islander's were backing paris for the bid.

now if rugby is included for 2012, i must make plans to make my way there. and by then i'll be 44 years old.


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wot's that again?

it doesn't help matters that the finn's have now become embroiled in the cuisine spat.

let's put it this way. no other cuisine could beat the brit's 'cos who could boast havin the following made-in-GB ecletic mix:
1. balti
2. vindaloo
3. chicken tikka masala
4. tomato-flavoured curry
5. wee island fried rice / fried vermicelli / fried whatever else that faintly resembles some noodle

#'s 1 to 4 brought to you's by em paki's, whilst #5 hongkie chef's who obviously have had never been to the wee islet whatsoever.

and no, i'm not singin the praises of british food simply because i'm a right shameless anglophile.

talk of which, now i could open yet another takeaway in the UK offerin *genuine* spicy malay or peranakan food innit.

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July 05, 2005


soz, gotta get this off me chest.

it's really amazin there are folk out there who think they could get away with their fib - "white lie" as they'd put it later - when the fuckin evidence is to the contrary.

do they not deserve a fuckin wallop?

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pardon my wee rant ere, as this just crossed me mind.

does any one of you's out there ever not treasure wot you have/had got until you lose that particular person; and then it suddenly hit you that said particular person meant somethin to you's?

or until said particular person threatened to walk out of your life, you's didn't bother to treasure every moment you's had with em? in other words, you's took said particular person's presence for granted?

or that you's were just plain unsure what you should do next?

if you's answer "aye" to any of the above, you's deserve a fuckin wallop. 'nuff said.

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me beg ton l'pardon?

just because a pair of aussie's mentioned in passing that their stadium was not up to par, le president saw it fit to insult both the loony cow and british cuisine.

did someone not tell monsieur president that oztrylia is not part of the UK?

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July 04, 2005

so that's ok then?

now where are all em imbecilic soft-hearted expat's livin ere and afar - ie: hong kong - who never fail to make loud noises about wee islanders mistreatin or physically battering their domestic helper's?

many of whom - apart from being oddly naive - are fibbin thievin types who are daft enough to vehemently deny - come complete with accompanyin tears and wailing's - their crime even though it's been made clear to em that the evidence is right there and then.

like how my ex-helper once denied she had torn my shirt's collar. or a mate's who nicked her lipstick but couldn't answer how it ended up in her room. who promptly went on to break my mate's compact powder the very next day. oh, and another who caught hers feedin her newborn coca-cola.

and then when i pointed out exactly that at an expat's blog, i was instead lamely queried by the obviously-blinded-by-their-sob-stories blogger did i not pilfer stuff from our employers.

indeed. but i didn't bother to reply as i knew there'd be no end to this debate. as said obviously-blinded-by-their-sob-stories expat had finely displayed his empathy. which was somewhat misplaced, IMnotsoHO. but of course, it's highly probable he's been bonkin em durin their off day's, and got taken in by their seemingly simple-mindedness. or blindingly servile coquettish charm.

who doesn't want a free bonk with em exotic utterly undemandin brown-skinned types anyway?

apart from more sob stories about how they have got to feed and support their 30-member family back in the deepest countryside of indonesia / the philippines.

unsurprisingly enough, nothing's being said about today's news of a maid murderin her employer in cold blood. i tried to comment on said obviously-blinded-by-their-sob-stories expat but couldn't as i had to register meself now. can't be arsed to do that, so i decided to whinge over ere instead.

my point is this: so it's okay for said down-trodden poor thing's to knife their employers in a fit? comeuppance to em employer's for their unjustifiable bullying's then? 'cos said poor thing's have had no recourse whatsoever and they have been sufferin loads?

but at least we don't go about gunnin our gaffer's down when we ain't chuffed innit?

or are all these misdemeanour's driven by racism and jealousy?

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fourth of july

oh and before i forget, happy fourth of july to all my american reader's :)

hope you's have a good one.

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wt effin' f?

firstly it was my right knee that went wobbly for about two year's - or longer. it creaked each time i walked down the steps. such that it reached a point whereby i literally froze the minute i saw em steps.

now, it's my right ear that's givin me the 'mare. suspected tinnitus that only gets really maddenin at night. such that it reaches a point whereby i literally freeze the minute i have to turn in.

or is it just the right side of my physical self that's a tad wonky? :O

or is this a clear sign of aging where each and every bit inside inevitably wobbles and creaks? or is it simply a case of stress-induced syndrome? physically - as in the knee - and mentally - as in the ear?

probably it could be my eardrum's that's gone awry - that'll learn me for blasting my ears with the walkman thingy all those moon's ago. odd, my head doesn't suffer much from all the bangin.

touch wood!

and no, i'm not goin to see the GP. too wimpy to do so.

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July 01, 2005


this glarin typo of a "headline", see emphasis:


Hollywood heartthrob blah has married his girlfriend actress yadda at secret a ceremony.

tsk, tsk. this comin from a wee islet news channel that bagpiped itself as the premier and most balanced *asian* news source.

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shut it!

as the wee islet's whippin itself up into a frenzy for the IOC olympic 2012 nonsense, ere's one tosser who had to blow his effin bagpipes on behalf of the rest:

... 'Singapore should be proud of the fact that the whole world is watching this event. It's great publicity for Singapore, and frankly, it's the closest thing we'll ever get to an Olympic event,' he says, adding that there's the multiplier effect to be anticipated...

this comes from the very same wanker who set up a string of dodgy bars for expensively-dressed heavily-warpainted slut's to make a fuckin nuisance of emselves.

oh, and the word "pimp" does fit said tosser rather nicely.

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