March 31, 2005

let 'em die

boffin's are fretting that the end of the blue marble is nigh. all due to human's callousness towards nature.

.. "Human activity is putting such a strain on the natural functions of Earth that the ability of the planet's ecosystems to sustain future generations can no longer be taken for granted," says the report, launched at the Royal Society in London...

so what if the human race will die off soon? to begin with, they are becoming splendidly dafter by the day. so what difference does it make if earth could not sustain them any longer?

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warpainting tips

the following eyeshadow shades of:
1. sunset orange
2. jewel blue
3. silver mist

are a great combo. and topped off with plum eyeliner. 'nuff said.

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uniquely wee island pt 2

referencing the earthquake in a sumatran island, some [more specifically 99.99%] *asked why some parts of the islet "..were affected more than others..".

just because these same lot were left more tremortised. see the house-haunting post's.

certainly, not only they've never heard of a field of study called geology in their pathetic lives before; their finest level of stupidity shone through also.

and it's so shiny that it's blindin'.

*soz, this equally pathetic "news" site is both unlinkable and unnickable. even the equally pathetic wee island daily rag now requires registration that costs 15 quid. daylight robbery, that. for a publication that hires primary school-educated journos.

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one word...

... outside:

really, there are too many outsiders coming to live in this village - and then making a right nuisance of 'emselves - that some of us are thinking of resorting to drastic actions. like pelting their houses with cow sh*te. or burning their houses down. they whinge and whine all day about our way of life. too slow and boring. what effin' cheek. they ought to be burnt at the stake.

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uniquely wee island

this phrase just comes to mind: go and fuck spider.

the origin of which deludes me. until i googled and found it on, where else, a wee island website. bless.


Of uncertain origin, this term often connotes extreme frustration. The general consensus is that it originates from the Army (the source of many creative Singlishphrases), where a "spider" was dirt in the barrel of one's rifle.

If during inspection, you found a "spider" in your rifle, you'd have to strip it and clean it all over again. Hence, "fuck spider" would either be a common expletive amongst recruits, or an exhortation by an annoyed inspecting officer/NCO.

Some, however, believe it dates back to an old practice amongst boys to catch spiders in the undergrowth, house them in small boxes and make them fight.

1. Army = a common term used for conscription
2. small boxes = matchboxes

yeah, i caught a spider once whilst in secondary school. to scare off some poor cowling's.

so there.

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some legendary yarn

a rehashed blah that was posted on the old blogspot many many many :: ad infinitum :: moons ago. and yes, the following yarn is copyrighted to a certain Breanagh McTavish [the yarn teller with a vividly overactive imagination] © 1992, 1993, 2005.

nevertheless, enjoy.


Name: Rainbow Dances with Buffaloes

Post: Chief of all Chiefs of the...

Race: ...Mohawk(s)

Locality: Northeast of North America, or the Plains, where the most number of bison roam

Sex: Female, hence the name "Rainbow"
When Rainbow was born, many many many .. ad infinitum.. moons ago, as the legend goes, she immediately grabbed her father's, the Great Chief *Eagle the Baldie Skips with Buffaloes, headgear and let out a bloodcurdling war cry.

Which could be heard throughout the Buffalo tribe. And beyond.

The Great Chief Eagle the Baldie Skips with Buffaloes could not believe the child he was carrying was a girl. He wanted a boy so badly, that he brought up and taught Little Rainbow, the skills of a typical Brave, and reluctantly, groomed her to be his successor.

You see, Little Rainbow's mother, the beautiful Wind In Her Hair Runs With Cheetahs, was a tough-minded woman who believed in "Stop At Two - Boy or Girl"**. She has another daughter by the name of Sunshine, the younger sister of Rainbow. Sunshine is anything but sunshine; Gloomy should be her name.

Age: Top secret
Some believe she is as old as the Earth, but Rainbow is eternally youthful, not a wrinkle on her face. Must be the purified Lake water that Rainbow only consumes. And swears by.

Marital status: Unknown
It is believed that she was betrothed once to a Mohawk Brave. But nobody knows what happened to her fiance.

Based on eyewitnesses' accounts, Rainbow, in a fit of one of her several angers, gave a blow on his head with a boulder. It is rumoured she dislikes 'bald' males. Mohawk males are partly bald.

Greatest Fear: The Medicine Man
The Medicine Man is a doctor, dentist, acupunturist, masseuse and rainmaker roll into one.

When Rainbow was a teenager, she had a very bad toothache. As the Medicine Man had no choice but to extract the tooth, in the process, half of the tooth came out. Poor Rainbow was left with a throbbing headache. And a badly mangled tooth.

Till this day, Rainbow fears the Medicine Man.

Greatest Ambitions:
1) To be the Chief of all Indian tribes in the land which the White Man called "America".

Psst, it is rumoured Rainbow has a fancy for one White Man, one called Pierre Journeaux.

2) To exterminate the Apaches who are believed to be responsible for Chief Eagle the Baldie's death.
He, the Chief, died of lung cancer, the result of excessive smoking of aromatic "grass" which could only be found in the Apaches' domain.

1) Scalping the enemy while riding on horseback

With a tomahawk of course.

2) Quilt sewing
Oh yes, Rainbow is proficient in needlework.

3) Languages: Mohawk, Sioux, French and a smattering of English
Madam Wind In Her Hair Runs with Cheetahs is part Sioux. The Mohawks have contacts with the French, due to trade in fur and other miscellaneous.

And partly also, Monsieur Pierre Journeaux is Rainbow's tutor. Another White Man called John Clees (from whom, the term "Yankee" came about) is interested to trade with the Mohawks. Hence, Rainbow learns some English from Mr Clees.

4) Trout fishing
Rainbow uses her bare hands to catch fish.

5) Communicating with the Bison
Through ESP, that is.

1) Her father the Chief of course
1) Joan of Arc, or Jeanne d'Arc in French

She was so enthralled with Monsieur Journeaux's account of Joan of Arc's life, that Rainbow adopted a White Man name called...

1) Jeanne d'Bison in French
2) Joan Bison in English

Till this day, Mohawks and other Plains Indians have French names. This is due to their exclulsive contacts with the French back in the 18th century.

* Chief Eagle the Baldie was believed to be wearing a toupee, but he was as brave as the eagle.

** "Stop at Two - Boy or Girl" was a bollocky population control campaign terror "forced" upon wee islanders during the mid 60's right up till the late 70's. and then a few moons ago 'em Legitimate Gangsters were complaining, nay, whingeing about the dwindling number's of younglings these days rising greying population.

that's one of the reasons why they are dishing out permanent residency status indiscriminately to foreigners of either chink or indian descent. and the fact that there ain't enough 18-year-old male conscripts for the armed forces scares them frightfully.

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do bird's who are desperately seeking partners have to bleat, along with some paw-wringing:
"...those good lookin' ones tend to be either married or gay..."

i'm not only fed up to hear that, but it also smacks of negativity.

or that luck indeed eludes 'em.

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March 30, 2005


an old mate, Miles, has come to his senses by returning to the bloggoverse. so go say hello, people.

of course i'm chuffed 'cos he's the only other intelligent lifeform around despising chav's mong's human's. in general.


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March 29, 2005

glimmer of hope

what is surely hope for lifeform's who have an allergy towards moggies; a bunch of boffin's created a type of protein so that the former would no longer be fearful of breaking out in rashes. or sneezing their brains out.

besides, the compound could also work against other life-threatening allergies. however, said protein is part-cat and part-human. but of course.

regardless, it's an utter shame that the april issue of nature is not published on its site yet.

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not again

yet another earthquake affecting the island of Nias off sumatra that took place around midnight WIST. my thoughts and prayers to families of victims of this latest catastrophe.

oddly, i didn't feel a thing at that time, though those who live in certain areas on this islet were left tremortised.

ta to the idling chief for the link.

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March 28, 2005

today's toons


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went to a free health screening test at the neighbourhood hospital. carried out by the kidney foundation folks.

the battery of tests:
1. urinanalysis
2. blood cholesterol
3. body measurement aka bmi
4. blood pressure
5. blood glucose

see? the word "blood" repeated three times is enough to wimp me out. anyhoo i tried to put on a brave face the minute a screener drew a teeny weeny drop of blood from me finger to test for cholesterol levels. and i lived to tell the tale.

i passed all the screening's except the bmi. the fact that i'm built like a twig raised questions like:
1. if i was trying to maintain my figure through dieting - the amount of ice cream and choccy's i consume will surely shock 'em
2. if i was stressed at work - living on the wee island is stressful enough, much less work

regardless, telling these twits that twigginess runs in the family was like stating the fact that the sea is actually colourless. but i did put on 3.4 kilos, which is mighty good news. what concerns me actually is my blood pressure points nearly to the low side today. not sure if the recent lack of sleep is the cause of it. or it is indeed due to stress.


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March 25, 2005

these thingy's are made for walkin'

boffin's have just discovered, to their amazement, that certain octopus species could walk on two tentacles.

..Defying the notion that bipedal motion requires muscles attached to a rigid skeleton, the octopuses used the strong, flexible muscles in their back arms to walk across the seabed when pursued by camera-wielding biologists...

are we witnessing some kind of an evolution 'ere?

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getting to know

an email from the l'chambre du grande bretagne informing one and all of a members' night in a couple of week's time, that the venue will be at the "..historic raffles hotel..".

sounds mighty posh. and i can't help wondering if l'chambre is trying to re-live the colonial days of yore by holding at said hotel?

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new idiom

i was told many a time by a-best-mate-who-was-once-mistaken-for-me-mum that i wore my heart on my sleeve. too often.

this time, methinks i'm wearing it on me cuff.

so folks, look out for the letter b's book of idioms - complete with complex explanations and illustrations. coming soon to a bookstore near ye.

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March 24, 2005

should i?

tell him how
i feel
or remain
and then hope
he will
see the light?

the mind
boggles - gah!!
not good
does not
help matters

i fear
i will lose
him but.....
does it make
a diff
to him then?
'fraid not

-- haiku, this? soz, the mind's not working properly. regardless, this piece of work's copyrighted to a certain b_mc.t 2005.

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March 23, 2005


oh c'mon, i don't mean, erm, that :: eyes rolled skywards ::

anyhoo, after seeing this at the Idling Chief's, i was sorely tempted to submit a piccy of yers truly stickin' her tongue out in a provocative manner. but:
1. knowing i'm quite incapable of posing provocatively infront of a camera [oh really?]
2. that would mean i'd no longer remain incognito

i thought why bother. well, isn't this equally, erm, sexy? [go on, click on the link]


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one word...


knowing full well that the welt on his shoes is giving way, he still ran towards the departing tram, not noticing the puddle on the ground. before reaching the tracks, he slipped and fell face-down with a loud thud. he was well and truly soaked, and before he could recover his senses, both his shoes were chuckling. at him.

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ta to a best mate who was once mistaken for me mum. enjoy.

A couple made a deal that whoever died first would come back and inform the other of the afterlife. Their biggest fear was that there was no afterlife. After a long life, the husband was the first to go, and true to his word, he made contact, "Mary... Mary..."
"Is that you, Fred?"
"Yes, I've come back like we agreed."
"What's it like?"
"Well, I get up in the morning, I have sex. I have breakfast, off to the golf course, I have sex. I bathe in the sun, then I have sex twice. I have lunch, another romp around the golf course, then sex pretty much all afternoon. After supper, golf course again. Then have sex until late at night. The next day it starts again."
"Oh, Fred you surely must be in heaven."
"Not exactly, I'm a rabbit on a golf course in Arizona."

footnote: erm, ain't the young glamorous danish royal couple soon to ascend the throne someday called fred and mary?

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today's toons


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mad cow's

i'm of course refering to 'em wee island bird's, especially those of LCD chink extraction who seem to suffer this strange affliction.

here they are whining rather loudly they are "fat", which by western standards they ain't. and yet they still gorge themselves on bowlfuls of rice come mealtime. either they are clueless that rice is a carbohydrate. or that they are chronic attention-seekin' whingers. and when i told them exactly that there are alternatives - to rice - aplenty, they accused me of insulting their dignity. as if they have got a shred of it.

and the odd bit is some of the more horizontally-challenged types squeeze themselves into clothes that are two or three sizes smaller. complete with unsightly overhanging bits of flesh that leaves the rest of us weeping our blinker's out.

shouldn't these twats be shot on sight for inflicting some form of a mental-visual-aural malady on us?

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the airconditioning in this office complex is so effin' cold that not only it puts the arctic to shame; but i can almost see icicles forming inside me bonce.

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March 22, 2005

one word

it's been a long while since i engaged me fingers before brain in sixty seconds. here's my piece:

sapphire - the gemstone of virgos and the month of september. the mineral and the deep blue variety have been one of my favouritests since i first set eyes on it, when i was a mere slip of a bairn. it also comes in pink and yellow which i have been searching in vain.

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today's toons


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warpainting tips

instead of wearing lipstick, line the lips with a lip pencil. but apply lip balm first as said lip pencil maybe a tad dry. use a lipbrush to blend in the colour, and then put on lip gloss.

my fave combo of the moment: purple lip pencil and brown gloss.

one lip pencil, endless possibilities with a myriad of lip glosses and lipsticks. of course, this is all made possible by this wonderful folk.

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this is getting ridiculous. why waste the state's resources and taxpayers' dosh on keeping her alive?

me dad was already brain dead on the day he was admitted to the hospital when, without any warning, he collapsed in the kitchen in the early hours of december 29, 1991. we were all asked if we wanted him to be kept "alive" by the machine until his heart goes; or pull the plug there and then.

it was a tough decision, but we didn't even think of prolonging his life by keeping it through artificial means like feeding tubes and the like. so i don't understand what makes her case so different and special from the rest.

with all due respect to her parents, but i reckon when your in an impossibly-hopeful state of mind, you'd start imagining things. like seeing her giving a "great smile" when spoken to, to quote her father.

i even imagined me dad consoling me, when i said i was sorry for disappointing him.

but aren't they interefering in their own daughter's life by insisting on keeping her alive despite knowing she's severly brain-damaged? aren't they being utterly selfish by making their daughter clinging on to life without any purpose? aren't they depriving her of her dignity by going public with their "predicament"?

really, what are they hoping for? seeing her hopping out off the bed one fine morning, twirling around and hollering, "hi mom! hi dad! i'm alive!!" ? if that is the case, the parents and siblings do seriously need some psychological help.

btw, my dad passed away peacefully on new year's eve morning. the only regret i have still is that i wasn't by his side when he decided to go.

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doin' yer bit

go back london for the 2012 olympic thingy. and see your name appear on the left-hand top of the screen as you refresh it.

and if you's want yer name permanently etched on the entire blue marble's psyche - like i did - go sign the flag as well.

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March 21, 2005


.. congrats to Wales on winning the grand slam title. methinks it's about time that i stop telling all those unkind sheep jokes.

and the greatest irony is that i'm a graduate of the university of wales. based in deep sheep valley.


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i've been hearing on the radio this past week about this guinness-sponsored irish festival that's taking place this coming weekend on a plot of land next to some hotel.

where some wee island "celebrities" will grace the event, apart from the promised pseudo-irish activities. like the-fastest-guinness-quaffer compo. or summat. to be honest, i didn't pay much attention to the advert as the background pseudo-fiddly irish tune muffled much of what was being said.

apart from it sounding akin to a cat's caterwauling. i meant the background pseudo-fiddly irish tune.

what got me cringeing wasn't over the expected rise in wee islanders wanting to be irish for the day. but one of the deejays on said radio station telling his co-host and call-in listeners how to say "irish" the irish way.

i mean, it took me gallon's of the black stuff consumed over the past moon's to get my lilt. which mostly ended up something else towards the end of a sentence. yet this native had the gall to teach the entire islet how to speak like an irishman with just one word?

i was wanting to give that deejay twit grief by asking which particular regional accent he tried to emulate. by pretending to be an [pseudo] ulster[wo]man but surely i had better things to do, innit?

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March 18, 2005


nicked off the bluetea.

Which File Extension are You?

that certainly does sound very moi. anyhoo, the answers to the questions that tickled me rightly, which i obviously chose:

- Worst excuse?
I was abducted by aliens.

- Favorite function key?

- Favorite top level domain?

- Who came up with this quiz?
Quiz makers from the planet Zotor

can't help it, i've gotta be different from the rest. especially if one lives amongst amoebic idiots on this islet.

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the "aftermath"

everyone seems wanting to be irish. having witnessed the increasingly huge number of wee islanders at the local last evening.

it was surreally mad to see the place packed to the rafters as i arrived there at quarter past six. some of 'em of course were there because of their white paramours - dressing in green et al - copycows. and the rest thought st paddy's was simply a day to get loud and drunk. and making eyes at white birds.

still, one of the barmaids was lovely enough to look out for a place for moi. who quickly called me out, took my bag and led me to my seat. and that i was much grateful.

as the evening went on, at least 12 other mates turned up - canuck as we all know they are mostly of both scottish and irish ancestry. anyhoo, here are some highlights of the evening:

1. at first sight of me red barnet, almost all admired and then touched it. apparently for good luck.

2. as they pointed out this massive paste-on shamrock on my cheek [courtesy of 'em roving guinness representing cows with very limited english vocabulary] i told me mates to quickly kiss it. 'cos i'm irish.

3. a scottish mate said to a canuck mate about me -
".. she's totally confused. 'ere she is tuckin' into fish and chips. and she's wearin' green, and speakin' to me in scottish.."

the latter kindly put it: ".. she's a great britain mutt, look at the red hair.."

me: "thank god, i'm not ginger."

4. another mate, pointing to my xxth pint of the black stuff -
"... could you believe it this is her fourth pint? and she doesn't show it?"

yet another: "where has all the guinness gone to, letter b?"

moi: "it's all gone up 'ere to the 'ead, replacing all the lost greycells. guinness is indeed good fer ye. slainte mhath!"

erm, i'm indeed confused. slainte mhath is scots gaelic..

5. it so happened that said scottish mate has got irish blood courtesy of her paternal lineage. and it does make me wonder why 'em both celtic races have got to be on each other's nerves. like, each claiming to invent the greatest whiskey. or should that be whisky?

5. some of 'em native birds with white paramours are indeed genuinely friendly. probably they thought i'm not wee islander? if that's the case, bless 'em.

and i left the local early - quarter to 1am - which was mighty strange. me mates had to turn in early, the aussie band were not that brilliant. and that an ex-fling had positioned himself less than about 5 steps away from where i was sat. i wasn't even interested to re-acquaint him.

so i decided to leg it before trouble - whatever that is - set in. and that also, i was wanting to give a fanciable/good [i simply can't decide which] mate in the UK a ring, who was feeling under the weather.

all in all, a fine evening in spite of.

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March 16, 2005

some irish luck

i know it's a tad early, but all the same, happy st paddy's to one and all :D

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March 14, 2005

today's toons


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a slight difference of opinion

reactions to my newly-coloured barnet:

99.99% of malays, indians, caucasians -
1. nice one, that
2. where did you get it done?
3. getting ready for st paddy's, eh?

99.99% of chinks - read: mostly bint's and chavette's
1. why so red?
2. that's very attention-seeking
3. yer sooooo daring
3. yer wanting to be a white person?
4. no verbal comment, throwing eye-daggers at my direction was more than suffice

what did i say about their neuron-paths wired differently from the rest? i'm actually being polite by saying the neuron-paths bit.

ok, it's both their hypocrisy and peasantry dna's surfacing during such situations. that's more like it.

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March 12, 2005

facts about dr who

i can't wait for the film to come to these shores.

if it ever does that is, given 'em natives' totally appalling tastes in movies. i recall watching the series back in the early 70's although i hadn't a clue as to what it was all about. anyways, the following is snipped off this article:

.. The new series of Doctor Who stars Christopher Eccleston, known to television viewers from Our Friends in the North. Eccleston plays Doctor Who as a hard-nosed northerner with a few debts to settle.

In episode one, the Daleks have just gathered for a nice quiet drink with their wives in a local wine bar when Doctor Who swaggers in and calls them names like "southern sissies" and "limp-wristed ponces"...

sissies/ponces - blokes who do yoga. or walkin' around the workplace without removing their pair of shades from their bonces. in the process lookin' like right complete twats.

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i've gone redhead. again. aye, the last time i was one was exactly a year ago.

time really flies, innit?

all the same, ta muchly to me hairdresser, without whom my quest to become a redhead would not be entirely possible.

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laid me paw's on the followin earlier today:

just listened to it. tunes that grabbed me, so far: bitter glass, pushing the senses, pilgrim soul

haven't listened properly to it as yet, though the run-through at HMV was more than enough to made me purchase it. heard it being touted on the bbc's top of the pops the other day which played "wires". that saw me scribbling on a wee piece of scrap paper, noting the name of the album.

with that said, it's been a long while since i bought a decent british indie cd album. don't ask me how come 'cos i have no idea meself.

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we said, they said

couldn't remember exactly where i got this from though it has been resided on the hard disk for ages. enjoy.



Welshmen pray on their knees on Sundays and prey on their neighbours the rest of the week.

What's the only good thing to come out of Wales? The M4


God said to the Welsh: 'I am going to give you this glorious land of lakes and mountains.' So where's the catch, asked the Welsh? 'Wait until you see the neighbours,' replied God.

What's the only good thing to come out of England? The M4

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March 10, 2005

soz, really...

for the lack of clever blah's lately. the usual excuses apply, and some.

some? heh :P

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March 05, 2005

how come

i seem to enjoy watching rugby more than footy these days.

ok, since the summer of 2003, when i was actually more keen to impress this english chap than anything else. ultimately it turned out to be his loss, and rugger's gain.

and no, i didn't hold anything against him for that matter. honest.

the reasons are aplenty. chiefly, both managers' and players' acceptance of dodgy refereeing decisions in spite of contrary video evidence. there were many atime that i shook my fist at the telly england were at the wrong end. especially so during SANZAR home tests, the World Cup final [the ref was on the take, i tell ye] and now the six nations.

sample the following argument:

... But, still, part of the appeal of rugby is as “not football”. Part of “not football” means accepting decisions, right or wrong. Arguing perhaps about principles - the differences in interpretation of the laws in the northern and southern hemispheres, say - rather than specific indidents. Behaving less like children and more like adults....

yes, it's a bit of an irony that rugby is known as a gentleman's sport when much blood is spilled and life-threatening injuries abound. or that i hated it so much since time immemorial until that fateful day in 2003. come to think of it, a bit is an understatement. in the case of my sudden turn.

also, the state of footy, especially the premiership, is in a right complete shambles that there are moments when i'm left aghast by the disgraceful antics of the gaffer of my beloved club which i have had been supporting since 1981. that leaves me wondering if all those puerile outbursts were purely for show.

the outcome is that they deepen the enmity amongst rival supporters - read: those who indulge in this stick-giving tosh are usually lowlife spastic's; and who are mostly contemptuous towards overseas supporters. and who simply cannot grasp that the latter's respective local footy leagues are pretty much non-existent.

it's bad enough that 'em overpaid players are no longer role models on and off the park. but 'em gaffer's?

a sad state of affairs, really.

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March 03, 2005

mindless chatter

texting's bandied about between moi [TLB] and the canuck ex-gaffer [CeG] a few days ago, whose local chinky bird of a wifey is also a bit of a *wanker:

CeG: were you on the radio this morning?
TLB: no
CeG: really?
TLB: wot dya mean?
CeG: thought it was you
TLB [who at this point was already quite annoyed]: could you please explain wots this radio lark all about?
CeG: a call-in thing that listeners can give their 2 cents' worth. sure it's not you?
TLB [gritting her canines]: why should i fib? so i presume there's some local bird out there who sounds like me then?
CeG: her accent, enunciation and cadence is so alike that's why i was sure it's you
TLB [not again, you twat]: everybody seems to sound like me these days. pray tell, which accent?

silence from CeG's end. time-wasting twat.

* she's the sort who is easily envious of other females who's presumed financially better-off than she. or anyone above her working-class station. also, she will not hesitate to switch to sarcasm mode - or sharpen her claws - just to get on her rivals' nerves. yep, she thought she had me completely pissed but i reminded her of her lowest-of-the-lowly position in life in time. she was lucky that there was no other damage done apart from her ego.

and now, it seems that CeG has been pretty much influenced by that cunt that i wasn't surprised to hear him wanting and expecting freebies to just anything. they are indeed made for each other after all. perhaps he should return to the land they called the great white north to re-orientate his bearings.

no matter, it's a crime against humanity to allow such LCD's to get this far in life, innit?

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sad day

"a victory for all muslims", or so proclaimed by this maladjusted defective cow. but certainly an utter loss for common sense.

if this mere slip of a twat is given the green light to break a school uniform ruling, just imagine what she could do when she reaches adulthood. surely, the possibility of her turning into an evil menace to society is nigh.

... Ghayasuddin Siddiqui, the leader of the Muslim Parliament of Great Britain, said: "This may be a victory for human rights but it is also a victory for fundamentalism."...

my sentiments, exactly sir. what price, individual - read: selfish - rights? i mean, honestly, what does a 16-year-old of a cow really know about human rights?

yers truly was more keen in playing footy and getting into trouble at school at that age.

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nerve calmin'

a cuppa of camomile tea. nothing soothes me ruffled nerves more than quaffin' camomile tea. certainly up there together with my other favouritest beverages.

quaff camomile. for fast calmin' relief.

and no, this is not an advert.

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March 02, 2005

guide to the cosmoverse

something to really look forward to then. if it does come to this shores.

one of those rare few that got me hooked on sci-fi for a lifetime. and left me in right stitches also. adored it so much that i had to beg the school librarian to reserve the sequel when and if it was available.

ta to the bluetea for the link.

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a mad 2.5 weeks

or thereabouts. apols for the real lack of clever blah's lately as there's so much madness around me that left me completely dazed and muddled.

1. for some reason or other, me bro is struck with a mysterious allergy that left his nose runny. thrice he went to the GP without any satisfactory result. only today he went to the ENT specialist at the neighbourhood hospital to have his beak scanned that it was found out it may be some dust allergy that caused the irritation.

2. work has become madder. 'nuff said.

3. me mum's dietary system caused some upset that left her nauseous. as she had her gall bladder removed last year, she may have to be more careful with what she consumes, not too oily stuff and summat.

4. a best mate texted me bemoaning, and i quote: "..aren't you tired of getting from one relationship to another? i'm really fed up of all this crap.." my reply: ".. oh dear, not again?.." i don't think that helps.

5. work has become madder. 'nuff said.

6. another mate whingeing about the sad state of recruitment agencies here. i can fully understand her frustration/annoyance with the latter for their pathetic service - ie: not keeping her informed of her status and current job industry requirements. unlike in the UK, she fumed. well, took it upon meself to text other mates for their help.

7. ok, to be honest i've been corresponding with this particular chap daily. and his emails never fail to make me laugh and bring a smile to my face. what with all the madness that has been going on for the past 2.5 weeks thereabouts, they are something i look forward to cheer me up. shall see how it goes, fingers and toes crossed. after all i know him off one of 'em personals site.

8. i know, i must be stark bonkers. the letter b subscribing to a personals site? it was a freebie, one-month only deal. so, why not?

9. work has become madder. 'nuff said.

i don't know why but other folks' problems tend to become mine. if only i could take flight, abandon everything and everyone aside, go hide in some cave high up in the andes or somewhere remote in timbuktu, living the life of a hermit.

btw, has anyone out there counted the number of mad or its synonym blurted over here?

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