May 12, 2007

why should i?

they left their bairn's on their own whilst they enjoyed long dinner's with friends.

but of course, they claimed that they return to check on em bairn's every half hour. or summat if the news reports were to be believed. and now that one of em bairn's was abducted, they have the effin gall to demand - soz, request - that we "keep lookin and keep praying" for her safe return?

as if it is the public's responsibility to keep a lookout for - no, *find* and then *return* their precious bairn to em. what's more galling is some daily mail reader demanded that "the world should unite" in prayers and finding this bairn.

i wonder if this particular cow would say same if the bairn is ugly. or a non-white, to put it more bluntly. hundreds of bairn's disappear everyday around the blue marble. so what's the fuckin big deal about this blonde wee lass? apparently said cow did not engage brain before fingers.

in short, ain't it an utter crime against humanity that space-wasting amoebae are allowed to breed?

should they not be shamed and made to realise they are complete failures as parent's?

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who's disrespecting who?

you give em an inch, they demand a yard.

as if hindu's ere on the wee islet would get themselves into a tizzy over some issue that's happenin on the other side of the planet. *international* incident, my arse.

who the fuck do they think they are? the same bunch of people who tricked the entire nation with their "authentic" curries?

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May 01, 2007

only a mother's love...

isn't it precious?


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