August 20, 2007

ich spreche [sehr wenig] deutsch

ja. und ich kid sie not.


*can't be cruel can i without providin the translation? well here goes:
ich sprech [sehr wenig] deutsch = i speak [very little] german
ja = yes
und ich kid sie not = and i kid you not
heh = heh

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i'm not making this up

but i wish i did.

that online biz/social networking platform where i cannot seem to tear myself away from has got an unusually large membership from the middle kingdom. apart from germany where said platform originates.

anyway. talk about the middle kingdom, where its natives are scrambling to be part of the larger global family. and henceforth, adopting western names.

but none so as humorous as a bloke calling himself Candy. And a bird, Billy.

i kid you not, people. and i thought em hongkonger's are an utterly odd - nay, funny - lot by naming emslves Chewbacca and Vagina.

i know, i can't decide either if i should guffaw till tears rolled down me cheeks. or be horrified with that last one. but then, comin from the same bunch who can't differentiate their 'r' from 'l' - and vice versa - they don't shock us anymore.

or do they?

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August 13, 2007

where the hey have i been?

yeah, as if anyone would be interested to know.

but all the same, i shall summarise the following in point form:

1. work

2. i got meself hooked on this particular biz/social networking site. introduced by a yank contact off another biz networkin platform. and my life has never been the same since. why? see #'s 4 and 9 below.

3. work

4. i fell in lurve. with an aussie bloke - no, it was mutual to begin with. and i found out much later that said blokey is *several* yonk's older than moi. and i do mean *several*.

to begin with, all the past fella's i went absolutely gaga over tend to be younger. but then, lurve is a funny old thingy. innit? so i ain't gobsmacked upon discovery. on the contrary, i thought it was refreshing.

erm, yeah. aussie this time. not english. it's a probable sign of ageing, i tell ya.

5. said aussie bloke announced - just a couple of weeks' after connecting on said networkin site - that he wanted to see me. on his way to kuala lumpur for a conference. so all in all, he was in these parts for exactly a week.

not surprising, really as we had a rather intense written and textin "relationship" already by then.

6. work

7. to keep a long story short / unyawnworthy - as said aussie bloke was about to step into the plane that flew him ere to the wee islet, he decided to tell me that he - surprise, surprise? - has a partner after all.

i know. shocking. that. NOT.

8. later that same week, said aussie bloke texted, emailed and phoned [and no, i ain't exaggerating] moi that he would change his in-transit flight from KL to ere - on his way home. so that he could spend some more time with me.

yep. i was confused. no, make that: he was - and still is - confused as to what he really wants. that certainly sounds better.

oh, and to add further to the confusion - he quaffed 3 pint's of guinness during a network get-together i organised. and enjoyin it too. he absolutely *hated* guinness actually.

9. i adopted a sister - a lovely german lass who eerily shares similar thoughts and views about life. we got on like a house on fire immediately. on a forum the first time round!

oh, and my sis is a cat lurver also! and she does think the mc.cann's are a right nuisance who ought to take emselves out of the equation.

10. work - talk of which, i got some new businesses off said networking site.


11. in fact, i've acquainted with lots more like-minded folk - who sent me via the site's private messages how they liked my opinions. even if they are harsh and somewot direct. and we became firm friends.

it's not surprisin really that i could get along better with non-wee islander's. shan't indulge meself in a wind-up on em wee islanders. or it'd take me ages to list my gripes down.


yeah, that sums up neatly as to wot i was actually up to.

so keep yer eye's peeled, people. i might come up with somethin utterly brilliant. soon.

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