April 24, 2007

would you's *really* feel sorry for em?

jailed only for four month's for cryin wolf? she destroys a family with her fib's. all because she was drunk and, surely having bonked some gormless chav whilst drinking.

so to save her sorry white arse, she chose a convenient victim. i hope someday someone does rape her for real.

and news of this trolley dolly who was raped and then murdered in Japan: ah well, she was a bar hostess anyway. and she was seen leaving with the alleged killer. or so it was claimed. if it is true, what does it say about her?

many of these white bird's expect to be treated with "respect" like back home. yet they themselves have no respect for their hosts, nor themselves in the first place.

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April 20, 2007

really, honestly

i just joined this german-founded online business networking platform

where there are numerous forum's for those with too much time on their paw's.

using the excuse to network in order to forge illicit affairs with the opposite sex. or same sex also. well, as with thing's internet; folk with really poor grasp of english but with an inflated sense of self [ie: to their wee mind's, they are fluent] decided to join in the [illicit] fun.

and it's no coincidence that some of the poorer writer's are china bird's and wee islanders. sample the followin:

".. he is a brightness person.."

no, i'm not making this up.

i'd rather they not participate whatsoever. not that their lack of proper grammar makes me cringe. i'm just fed up of seeing them callously murderin the language. these are the same bunch of amoebae who never hesitate to larf out loud in yer face if you so happen to speak funny chink.

yeah, i'm just so tempted to post a message telling em exactly how i felt.

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April 18, 2007

a closet snob

moi. my score's 380.

at least i don't *pretend* to be middle-class, getting caught chewin gum in the presence of other snooty type's.

but then, us peranakans/straits [not 100% purely] chink's were known to be snobby back in the good old day's. so, no surprise then.

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it's true, honest

except for a few racist idiot's i encountered on the footy ground.

read my two penneth's worth :D

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of gunmen and sad looney tosser's

you know that looney gunman of a totally delusional asian student?

who gunned down 32 students just because:
[1] some white bird he fancied wasn't aware of his existence
[2] he was jealous of rich bairns

makes one wonder if he's better off back in korea where:
[1] women are not just treated as second class citizen's. but are programmed to not possess any shred of self-esteem
[2] rich type's are sneered at

but then knowin how godawfulugly korean women are [those gorgeous ones are either completely 100% plastic or american-born - honest], i can't blame said looney gunman of a totally delusional asian student for stalking white bird's.

not too sure what koreans do with the rich folk over there though. they are too eager to appear well-off and prosperous. just because they don't wish to lose "face".

which is kinda ironic. see godawfulugly.

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April 14, 2007


i know that i've been bashin em bird's left, right and centre on my last three post's.

not that i'm bitter. it so happened that they are - or rather, seeking to be put - in the spotlight as we speak.

so there.

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talk about feckless council estate chav's...

once a chav, always a chav. and these pretty young "things" look no different from slapper's. but in expensive rag's no less.

and then em feckless english bird's wonder - no, whinge, more like - why no-good foreign men have no respect towards women.

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self-fulfilled prophecy?

the chorus bit that went, "no future, no future, no future now"? ain't this exactly what the yoof's [hat tip to krip for this word] of the UK are like today?

that fat "i'm only a boat driver, know what i mean?" money-grabbin cow is one fine example. she thinks she's oh-so-clever and that the country owes her a medal. and that the Queen owes her a tea party. i really feel sorry for her wee bairn. not.

honestly, em no-good iranian's ought to prolong their mental/psychological torture on said fat "i'm only a boat driver, know what i mean?" money-grabbin cow.

really, how did the Royal Navy got round to recruit feckless council estate chav's like her?

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let us mourn the passing..

... of this young lurve.

someone, please pass a box of kleenex. please.

if she is really sensible and down-to-earth as claimed - as she had convincingly [see, i've difficulty typing that word out] portrayed herself as such - why the fuck did she whine about he's not spendin enough time with her?

well, that's the bairn of an ex-trolley dolly for ye. it's certainly not fair innit, amoeba breeding amoeba?

frankly, i had not been liking her in recent month's. there's something not quite right about her body language. regardless, consider yers truly in the running to become Wills' bride.

:: cough, choke ::

well, ain't bookmaker's taking bet's on that wee dwarf [she's under 5 feet for god's sake - ok, she's a gnome more like, at least i ain't calling her "pygmy" which is a mighty insult to em pygmies] to be his potential also? she's the same age as moi, for cryin out loud.

and certainly look *much* older. ouch.

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April 10, 2007

religious hypocrisy?

em buddhist's and those who studied the teachings as "religious knowledge"

in wee island school's [yonks ago] insist that buddhism is a way of life. not religion per se as buddha didn't claim to be a messenger, prophet. or better still, son of god.

if that really is the case, why then do these same practitioners prostrate not only before statues of the geezer himself; but really massive bronze [or were they gold?] ones? and always claimed to be built in some monastery/temple/workshop in china which no one has ever heard of? which no doubt, em sheep - soz, mostly uneducated workin-class wee island ethnic chink's would be so fucking impressed.

and ever willingly part their hard-earned dosh to fund the manufacture of said bronze icons.

if this act of prostration [is there such a word?] is not idol-worshipping whatsoever - and what with the prayers offered with joss-sticks a-waving - then what is? especially the chinese/thai/woteverelse branch of buddhism?

not that i'm confused. on the contrary, methinks they are a confused bunch. or that something was lost in translation. oh, and don't get me started on the monk's emselves. especially wee island ones who think they are demi-gods. but who really are misplaced-arrogant daylight-robbin lecherous chink-speaking twat's with a collective IQ of a day-old amoeba.

who definitely misappropriate followers' donations to buy the latest mobile phones. need i go on about their Thai counterpart's who insidiously encourage their womenfolk to become whore's?

talk about insidious encouragement, i do wonder who's more evil: em monk's or their follower's who through their blogs insist that going vegan ensures good karma ["how could one possibly eat other sentient beings when one is a proclaimed animal lover?" - surely the incisors and canines - as in teeth - are not designed for chewing veggies?] in the next lifetime or summat.

yeah, as if i'd give a fuck about karma. good or bad.

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