May 28, 2006

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May 26, 2006

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May 24, 2006

self-removal, gene pool

this sorry excuse of a teenager, who was hit by a police van with sirens on, had it coming - by walkin straight onto its path; see emphasis:

...traces of cocaine were found in her blood and her blood-alcohol level was so high she would have been "grossly intoxicated and severely impaired"..

and she was described as *bright*. please spare me this tosh.

if only more of such defective teenager's do us all a favour like the above specimen did.

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as sent by a mate. enjoy.


Michael Jackson has just been spotted leaving Tasmania after finding out it wasn't two trapped minors

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wot else is new?

em spotlight-seekin [not all though] hongkonger's are at it again - crazy logic-defying self-given western name's, that is.

was on my weekly biz networkin site update earlier today when i spotted this: a hongkie who goes by the name of Scorpio. yep, kid ye not. Scorpio.

not sure if its male or female. but wot does one expect from a bunch of nazi swastika-clad islander's who called themselves Money, Fish, Spoon and Chewbacca, amongst others?

they don't even give a monkey's if you so much as giggled in their mug's. instead they'd rebutt that they like the *sound* of their moniker. and that's all that matters to em. oh, some would then hurl a derogatory insult in cantonese at you's in return - for darin to larf at em.

BUT i must quickly add that i have had the privilege to know a handful of fabtastic hongkonger's. which i can hardly say the same about wee islander's.

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May 23, 2006

tsk, tsk

whilst on my usual round's of

visitin the handful of handicraftin "competitors" [not that i'm lookin out for idea's or inspiration, mind :p ] :

there's this particular wee island cow who not only blatantly copies the style, design and pattern of a portuguese crafter's creations - right down to the exact materials [yes, materials!] used; but has been churning out almost exact pieces one after another from her own end.

curious mind wonders if her other earlier so-called unique handmade jewelleries are replicas of other designer's also.

sure, copycating has been around since time immemorial. not to mention, human nature. but what i find rather galling is that said wee island cow:
1. proclaimed on her blog in BOLD CAPITAL LETTERS that all her "creations" are unique and one-of-a-kind
2. proclaimed on her blog in BOLD CAPITAL LETTERS that NOBODY could copy her unique and one-of-a-kind thingies in any other way - without her permission
3. watermarks each and every piccy of her unique and one-of-a-kind thingies - so that nobody could craft and then claim their reproduction's as their own

and the followin take the biscuit:
1. connecting with and leavin regular nonsensical comments on the portuguese crafter's flickr page
2. she once *whinged* that someone accused her of copying someone else's

i'm not placin her link here as she has a stat counter, soz about that. not sure though if she's runnin out of ideas lately that she resorts to pathetic copycating. 'cos her unique and one-of-a-kind thingies have been selling like hotcakes. everyday.

oh, what i find more gagworthy is, she never fails to remark on each and every post [well, almost] how poor her photography skill is. ever since she made her debut two year's ago. strange, no improvement whatsoever?

still, did i mention that she's wee islander? so are her loyal fans/customer's. massive copycat types, all of em. nuff said.

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May 21, 2006

who would have thunk?

that a heavy metal band won this year's eurovision contest?

a shame i didn't have the chance to watch it. and a shame also about the UK's entry - what were those prancing overgrown busty schoolgirl's all about?

but was politics really involved? or voter's thought it'd be a refreshing change?

regardless, i'd go check and see if their tune's are available for downloading. for free, of course.

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today's toons

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May 20, 2006

it's raining opinions - part deux

the naivety, cynicisms and assumptions/presumption's made by polish workers in the UK are quite rather perplexing.

especially the highly-qualified/educated bit which most of em claimed they are. sure, but according to whose standards?

which reminds me of this wee episode i had with em peopre's lepubrik job seeker's to the wee islet. back in 1997 [funny how i remember events that occured long ago better than those happened a few day's ago]. a colleague asked a favour of me to telephone-interview his candidate's [he was in charge of the china recruitment market] to test their english language proficiency.

i larfed - guaffawed, more like it - rather cynically upon reading their CV's: they rated their reading, speakin and writing aspects as *excellent*. as said colleague himself spent much of his education in a chinese-language medium school [which are no longer in existence], i interviewed on his behalf all the same even though i was about to leave the workplace. which was well past half seven [funny how i remember events that occured long ago better etc etc..].

what they say about a hungry man is an angry man? not to mention, the anger that rapidly building up inside me - not only they couldn't string a decent sentence together to their replies; they refused to admit [that's a chinky trait, mind, the "loss of face" bollocks] that they were right clueless - ie: they repeat their answers ad nauseum without a fuckin inkling!

it's highly probable that:
1. they didn't quite expect the types of questions i asked
2. the questions posed were not in sequence - read: rote-learning
3. they weren't used to accent's other than [pseudo] american

alright to be fair, there are those i came across over the moon's who do put [younger, ethnic chink, of the peasant class] wee islander's [boo. hiss.] to shame. although such are few and far between.

back to the polish issue - and they are complainin about being tarred with the same brush? i'll wager these are the same folk who'd make monkey noises at black person's. or pullin their blinkers back slit-like at oriental people.

pot, kettle. oh, and i wonder also if that bird, whose piccy was prominently featured on the article, is seekin an english husband on the side as well?

bloody hell, a competition, she.

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May 19, 2006

it's raining opinions - part one

right. so i spent the past two day's giving my two

[my new lucky number that, 2] penneth's worth on just anything and everythin under the sun. no, topics that got my goat that i just couldn't keep my fingers away from the keyboard. that's more like it.

kickin off the "series" - hopefully not more than three part's - is bird's who get their knickers in a right twist over boobfeeding in public. whose actions and warped thinking [if they did actually *think*] are no different to those 70's bra burners ["it's our fundamental *right* to do blokey stuff! etc etc"].

they are not makin rumblin noises, it's a ruckus they are kickin up. especially those who vented their spleen for the sake of ventin their spleen - demandin the likes of you's and i to accept boobfeedin in public places. anytime and anywhere they wish so. even if it's not too obviously bared. 'cos it's a natural thing for *mothers* to do.

how selfish. how irresponsible. it never crosses their mind's [or whatever that remotely resembles one] whatsoever that not everyone is comfortable with an act that is considered private?

i wonder if they are making up for their rather low self-esteem [or whatever they are missin/have missed out in life] that they feel each and every new mother [as well as folks like you's and i] on this planet ought to subscribe to the "boobfed wee bundle's of noise make brighter, contented and well-adjusted adult's" hogwash.

utterly spoilt disrespectful and totally ineffectual devil's spawn more like it. and i thought the environment at large and *genetics* play a massive part in the bairn's development. or [severe] lack of.

hmm, curious mind wonders if this same bunch of militant pro-boobmilk cow's were completely deprived of boob milk themselves? or they won't take issue with the likes of you's and i innit?

in fact, this matter was in the spotlight over ere on the wee islet not too long ago - one can well imagine how many whinger's out there wrote to the press about rude and gawking wee islander's. apart from totally unfriendly/unfair workplace practices - pardon?

the lowest of the lowest common denominator lowlife amongst wee island wanker's gawk at just anythin that wears skirts. and so do bairn. duh. blaming just every one else and horrid circumstances except themselves, eh?

how selfish. how totally irresponsible.

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May 18, 2006

today's toons

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May 17, 2006

ye must be jokin, hen!

that london tourist who was raped by up to five italian basketballer's? and it happened right after accompanyin one of her attacker's back to his hotel room. just hour's after her arrival in the country.

sorry, but she thought Italy is like back home? apparently so given her initial behaviour and response.

and methinks she brought her hotel manager persona along with her. completely forgotten that she's but a mere tourist.

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ye must be jokin, hen

not sure if em northern irish speak the way their glaswegian *kith/kin do, but regardless this is what i chanced upon on this week's brit biz chamber newsletter; see emphasis: Invest Northern Ireland blah yadda

seriously, would you's?

reet, in case yer wonderin, i may just drop by and market my company's product's.


* i mean, they are ulster scot's to begin with, innit? unreserved apols to any northern irish comin this way, no insult intended.

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May 15, 2006

today's toons

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May 14, 2006

right utter loser's

so-called "hot" [or so they claimed] searches on yahoo! that appear on the mail logout page - since about a month ago:
1. how do i find mr right
2. how long should a man wait to call a girl

#2 above is a tad disturbin. not "man" wanting to phone a *woman*? or *boy* wanting to phone a "girl"? what come to mind are the words condescending and wanker. or that whomever has/have got paedophilic tendencies.


regardless, no thanks to a certain b. gates, we are witnessing more and more feckless amoebae polluting the world wide web.

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May 11, 2006

today's toons

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a tad late, this

that should be read as verily, but all the same the followin raised a giggle:

and ere's what it's all about. like i've said, verily late, this piece. soz about that, folks.

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swamped with peasants

apparently, i'm not the only livin entity on this islet to call certain segment's of wee islander's [usually of lowly ethnic chinese stock and a certain sex], peasant's.

.. Sadly, we have not outgrown our caveman ancestry despite the modern trappings of a civilised country. Our behaviour remains obnoxiously uncivilised and anti-social.

not to mention, increasin moral-decay and intellectual-impairment in spite of their impressive educational qualification's.

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the day me greycells went MIA

right, a tad exaggerating, that.

no real excuses, folks, except that i'm sufferin a malady called blogger's block. sort of.

alrighty, in brief, the general elections took place on the saturday past. only for the ruling party to claim a "decisive" [whatever that means] victoryof 66% thereabouts, against the collective opposition's 33% or summat. and this time round, not only said collective opposition fielded a huge number of candidates; they were mostly made up of completely politically-clueless but mighty cosmopolitan [they once stayed and worked in places like Sweden or France as a nanny for a couple of yonk's, like] mong's in their early thirties and under.

yeah, only on the wee islet that disgruntled whiny bollocks-spouting youngling's could become politician's. serving the needs as well as a brave [::snigger::] voice for their equally whiny bollocks-spoutin intellectually-impaired peer's.

it's a piss-poor result for said party as compared to past election's [2001's is 75% which already was an indication of their performance - see piss-poor bit]. who are they kiddin when their "veteran" MP's took turns to publicly emphasise [read: propaganda campaign overload] their "decisive" [whatever that means] victory everyday shortly after the elections? if that doesn't smack of utter desperation, i don't know what is.

no, graspin at [whatever remaining] straw's, more like it. further proof: see the *first-ever* overseas voting exercise for loyal albeit sad wee islander's. which is a mighty sharp u-turn from their "we don't need no overseas voting to boost our ratings as we know we'd win *decisively* anyways!" mandate.

oh, and the increase in underhand dirty tricks which they begun resorting prior to 1997's and 2001's elections. for instance, the latter which is "givin" each and every wee islander a certain sum of dosh [soz, "government's bonus"] due to the well-performing economy. indeed, who are they kiddin etc etc etc.

this certain amount of dosh [ [soz, "government's bonus" - in instalments spread over 3 year's, mind] was electronically transferred [my, how technologically advanced, eh the wee islet?] to em wee islanders' bank accounts. BUT - and it's a massive BUT - wee islander's could only lay their grubby paw's on the coveted dosh [soz, "government's bonus"] only and only after their application's [eh wot?] been submitted. electronically, as they'd encouraged you's to - see technologically advanced bit.

btw, the sum of dosh [soz, "government's bonus"] is according to the type of flat they live [the "bigger" in size it is, the lesser you'll get] and income earnings. and to think that some wee islander's swallowed the entire well-performing economy fib hook, line and sinker. when in fact this certain sum of dosh [soz, "government's bonus"] is actually over-surplus of overtaxed and overcharged daily costs - transport, petrol, fast movin consumer goods, and summat.

and since voting is mighty compulsory [else anyone found absent will be fined and then sent to gaol; not to mention, publicly shamed], the only way that dissatisfied populace could register their grievances is through voting for the opposition [some of whom once stayed and worked in places like Sweden or France as a nanny for a couple of yonk's, like] or "spoilt" votes.

and what did i say about em ruling party aka legitimate gangster's panicking? "decisive" victory, me arse. oh, and i thought they called em "au pair" in France?

oh and btw, i've just checked the figures again. 66.6% eh? wee islander's ought to be spooked.

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May 08, 2006

today's toons

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May 04, 2006

today's toons

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common sense prevailed. but then, if i were in McClaren's shoes, i would have told em to shove the contract up where the sun don't shine never give em an affirmative so quickly. i would have deliberated the offer.

i mean, moi, *second* choice? a back up just in case?? wt effin f?!

and what's with wanker's in high lofty positions engagin in fling's?? it happened during an estranged period with the missus. indeed.

why are bloke's [in general of course, i must quickly add else i'd get walloped] so weak? but of course, it takes two to tango, innit?

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May 03, 2006

copyrighted stuff, this

can't think of anythin clever to blah about. for now.

so how about this poem first published on blogspot back in 2003. enjoy.


I’ve had never been
struck dumb
Like this wondrous
creation has had
This area the locals called
the Lakelands

Nestling between
the mountains
Charming market towns
they are oh so pretty!
Each as uniquely as different
carved out of Cumbrian stone

amongst the ruins
never have felt so peaceful
A sense of ancient turbulence
so close to history

Fells bordering the lakes
arose thousands feet above
There standing at the peak
lost in the vastness of
blue and green
And shades of brown in between

From atop there are no two
similar sights
vying for my attention
But alas
there's only so much
that my eyes could see!

What gladdened my heart more
I spotted a rainbow
right there just by
where the sheep grazed
Cor, would they go
tumbling down?

The day I set off
from Cumbria
a twinge of sadness, a heavy heart
I went away more inspired thus
Hence this ode to the land
whence Wordsworth came

= short tour around Ambleside, Windermere [oh, and a deer galloped past me!!], Grasmere and Kendal October 13-19, 1996

copyrighted stuff, geddit? breanagh mctavish © 2003, 2006

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May 02, 2006


ta muchly to a good mate who sent me this. enjoy.

A South American scientist from Argentina, after a lengthy study, has discovered that people with insufficient brain and sexual activity read their e-mail with their hand on the mouse.

Don't bother taking it off now, it's too late.

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nicked off coffdrop.

You Belong in Dublin
Friendly and down to earth, you want to enjoy Europe without snobbery or pretensions.
You're the perfect person to go wild on a pub crawl... or enjoy a quiet bike ride through the old part of town.
What European City Do You Belong In?

and i can't even ride a bike. pathetic, i know.

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