March 30, 2007

subjects of to curiosity

see emphasis:

"A New Zealand university researcher has won a government grant to study the lifestyle habits of head-banging heavy metal fans."

there's really nothin much to study about us fan's. apart from the fact that we are mighty *modest* about our achievement's. and intelligent of course.

i know, i tend to contradict meself.

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March 27, 2007

they never learn

do they?

what with the news about that unfortunate cow Lucy wotsit, the British Airways trolley dolly and part-time bargirl. who was not only murdered but chopped up into pieces as well. oh and need i go on about only her head was found encased in cement?

need i go on also about dozens of british girl's being raped by thais and the like whilst on holiday?

really, what's so fantastic about bonking local men? whilst as guest's in their countries?

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March 21, 2007

strangely vindicated...

...i felt by this article.

just imagine, to be classified as peculiarly odd by yer peers in your teens. to these tosser's [it's rather easy to conclude what their ethnicity is], metal is associated with em malay's who had [and a handful still are] a thing for motorbike's and - horrors! - drugs.

thenceforth, no "respectable" chinky [ever since when are the minging lowest common denominator amongst them *respectable*?] female would listen to a genre associated with "lazy", workshy folk's. at least they are contented to earn enough to get by, although the younger generation are becomin more ambitious. i still like to think that it is partly due to my malay genes, that's why.

funnily enough, said article coincides with my recent re-discovery of some metal and hard rock folk, ta to yahoo music launchcast and youtube. [wee island radio station's back in the late 80s decided to ban metal from the airwaves - that explains the re-discovery]

in short, i've given meself a huge dose of iron maiden and status quo. both whose album's i may lay me grubby mitts on soon. oh and more of ac/dc also.

i suppose i shan't go on about the clever lyrics, signature riffs, etc, etc etc then, eh?

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March 20, 2007

b_mc.t's sparklin gem

i never plan anything ahead. 'cos em plan's tend to go awry, that's why.

the key words being "tend to".

copyrighted stuff, geddit? breanagh mctavish 2007

** i know, it's been a wee while since i came up with somethin brilliant. innit?

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March 18, 2007

major upset

who'd expect the irish to beat a cricket powerhouse, em paki's [oh, the shame]? on st paddy's day?

luck of the irish, eh?

oh, and i thought [some of] em irish relish every opportunity to bash the english, not just against things english. oh and how much they have had been suffering for ages under english tyranny? oh and the plantation of ulster was rather cruel, innit?

so, what the hell were they doing with an *english* sport? and being absolutely brilliant at it?

am i the only one who suspects that god is an irishman?

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March 15, 2007

proper anthems, these

i was tuning in to yahoo's music launchcast classic rock radio station earlier today when these classics turned up.

[1] the last tune used to be massive amongst em malay rocker's ere and up north in malaysia back then. right up till the 80s.
[2] the second last tune still never fails to move me after all these moon's. i just lurve her voice.

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today's toons

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effin p a k i s

they thoroughly enjoy playin the wronged persecuted victim, playing the race card AND takin every opportunity to be in the news.

and the best bit is they don't give a fuck about their [1] disgracing their very own faith [2] giving a bad name to their fellow muslim's elsewhere. especially those of wee island stock. twat's.

i mean, for fuck's sake, they could always go back to pakistan or whichever south asian country they or their parent's come from. where they are surely far happier and could do whatever anti-social act they damn wish.

innit? especially the gobby whingein bird's amongst em?

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March 13, 2007

i just have to larf

what's with em black's? sample the following lame excuse by this particular "activist", see emphasis:

"My purpose was to make them aware of the situation. They were the only two white people in a predominantly black area and were seen as a source of oppression."

right. why then didn't you fuck off back to africa where i'm sure you rightly and rightfully belong?

disclaimer: this rant has got nothing to do with my bad experiences with em black's whilst in the UK the other day. although i'm aware that they hate anyone and everyone who bears a passing resemblance to a chink.

just because em chink's from hong kong and china look down on anyone and everyone who ain't yellow. [as in colour, not jaundice sufferer.]

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bitch, moi?

i took this test whilst at the old job during one of those useless albeit nonsensical team-buildin workshop's. the result then didn't surprise me much as i was under much pressure being something i really wasn't.

that explained my wanting to throttle my ex-gaffer and just every other amoeba whenever they walked past my cubefarm.

curiosity got the better of me a couple of day's ago to take the test again. this time, the result doesn't surprise me really as i admit i'm a bit of a domineerin bastard bitch bastard. i remember clearly the workshop facilitator commenting that businessfolk's/entrepreneurs tend to score high for Dominance. mine is 76.

frankly, it is those who think that i'm overpowering [whatever that means] that have issues with themselves. not me.

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i know it's a tad horrid for me to say this. but ain't the kidnapped diplomat's and their families' release a bit of an anti-climax? yeah, i was kinda expecting some dead bloodied and/or decapitated bodies.

ooooh. blood. ack! nice!

they bloody well knew the region they went to for a wee holiday is out of bounds. but they still went 'cos being *diplomats*, they could not possibly be in danger?

really, for their selfishness and conceited behaviour, they should be left to rot wherever they were taken to by their abductor's.

it's amazin that this lot who obviously were missing a brain are permitted to get this far in life.

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