March 23, 2006

today's toons

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March 22, 2006

thing's that make me go awww....

so cute. oh, and look at that pink nose...


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talk of which...

on the topic of totally feckless desperate useless bint's

with sub-zero non-existent IQ, see what i came across on the online networkin thingy. left me gobsmacked, besides shakin me noggin in disgust.

witness how a couple of "look at me, i'm so fuckin smart to land a white trophy husband - actually it's his bulgin wallet and posh apartment with swimmin pool and 24-hour security that i'm after and the rise in *MY* status. other than that i don't understand a single fuckin word he utters. really." lowest of the lowest common denominator peasant-class ethnic chink chav twat's list their name's down:

1. self-given western name + white husband's surname [incidentally norwegian] ALIAS chinky name + chinky surname
2. self-given western name [incidentally she called herself "Kitty"] + chinky surname, white husband's surname

and these pair of thingy's are supposedly graduate's. it's very obvious they are completely clueless about the existence of:
1. née
2. the hyphen

honestly, it's an utter crime against humanity to allow these homo mong's to exist. much less breed.

i mean, just look at how they mutilated the english language. bastard's.

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further proof...

that more and more feckless amoebae roam about the blue marble. without supervision:

a check on the stats revealed this particular unwelcome visit to this fine blog:

can we be friends again letter

i've got a sneakin suspicion that the feckless amoeba in question is some useless ineffectual desperate bint. where's its fuckin dignity? makes me wonder why they are even allowed near to a computer. much less breed.

i mean, it's an utter crime against humanity to even let them get this far in life, innit?

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March 20, 2006

today's toons

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March 19, 2006

opportunistic female's

i've always believed that the bird species

[of the human kind, that is] are the more cunning and more evil of the two sexes - witness how Eve tempted Adam with the apple.

also, witness how prostitution - and its various modern offshoot's - has been around since time immemorial. for the life of me, i just can't possibly deduce how naivete could play a huge part in those poor things' subjugation.

but of course, there are bird's who are victim's of twattin - and some cheatin - despicable wanker's. tough luck, sista.

it is these articles that i came across earlier today that made me gobsmacked. honestly, have bird's become so liberated that they think they could get away with murder? also, as evidenced by the first article, it is further proof that unscruplous bint's from dirt poor third world countries are far more distrustworthy. surely it's more than their pitiful circumstances that driven them to commit whatever equally unscruplous acts?

[for instance, numerous white expat's in these part's are so fuckin overtly compassionate over the "pittance" of a wage em downtrodden filipina/indonesian domestic helper's earn over ere. obviously, em amoebae conveniently forget about the exchange rates. and that those countries are so dirt cheap to live in. duh.]

or is it purely em blokes who just simply cannot keep their zipper's up?

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March 18, 2006

tryin hard to be different?

a very belated happy st paddy's, folks.

hope you's had a good one like i did. kinda.

only for some bunch of loud obnoxious underaged high-schooler's annoying me as the evenin wore on - consistin of three american born chink's [who behave thoroughly white whilst in asia, BUT never fail to remind everyone else they are asian whilst back home - confused twat's aren't they], an american half-breed - soz, *bi-racial* - cunt, an american born subcontinental indian, a couple of white twin's and a pair of hired thai takeaways whore's.

what's more annoyin is this mate of mine who grumbled and whinged about said bunch of obnoxious amoebae encroachin on our personal space. and plonkin emselves on our seat's without a by yer leave. yet she took her bag and stuff over elsewhere, whilst persuadin me to not confront em.

eh, pardon?

especially this half-breed - soz, *bi-racial* - cunt who had the gall to ask me if she could reclaim the stool which i shooed her off.

"yes, we are gonna sit on it since we are here before ye." can't you see that my massive backpack needs a stool of its own, ye blindbat?

and my blood started to boil. on cue.

where was i? oh, my mate. typical wee islander. so, yers truly didn't hesitate to launch into an angry tirade at said bunch of obnoxious amoebae. that included some choice statement's:
1. "these fucked-up underaged american chink's are much worse than their white counterpart's eh?"
2. "their parent's never teach em any manner's eh? and i thought they called emselves asians?"
3. "this is the wee islet and these johnny foreigner's have to play by OUR rules; or they could very well fuck off"

yeah, i can't believe my ears that i uttered the last line either. i meant the OUR bit. whilst said mate tried to shush me up. really, no thanks to ineffectual idiot's like her, some foreigner's think they could ride roughshod over em wee islander's.

did i mention she's wee islander? well, she has just reminded me why i avoided em like the plague in the first place. amongst other thing's.

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March 16, 2006

today's toons

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March 15, 2006

oh, joy of joys

somethin to look forward this friday:

1. st paddy's day - still can't decide if i should celebrate it at the local that day. as i do not want to get into trouble under the influence of alcohol got bored stiff last year as the evening wore on.

regardless, decisions, decisions [erm, to quote someone :D ]

2. the Queen visits the wee islet! - but alas, there ain't any bits of announcement from em daily rag's. whatsoever. methinks it's got somethin to do with the pervasive anti-colonial mentality [read: massive inferiority complex which is a common ailment amongst em "oppressed" - real or imagined - people's] that still runs deep.

not that i'm a shameless royalist by blahing this piece of news. i was asked by the wembley stadium guide to be HM by the end of the wee tour back in 1996. not sure though if it was because i was the only "asian" that i stood out like a fuckin sore thumb.

whatever it is, it was sheer fun shockin some racist's in the group when i uttered greeting's in their respective tongues. the look on their mug's was priceless. anyways, if only i have the opportunity to shake paw's with the Queen. no, make that a curtsy.

i know, shameless royalist, moi.

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March 13, 2006

today's toons

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March 11, 2006


news stories with horrid piccy's of severely undernourished bairn - or even those dyin as a result of "natural" catastrophes - never move me. whatsoever.

yet i easily burst into tear's towards animal's, especially those - in this case, stray moggies - which were run over by vehicle's or badly abused by defective twattin cunt's. and then left to die a slow painful death.

biased, moi? no, it makes one wonder which is the beast ere.

and frankly, i'm just fed up of hearing news about the perpetual poverty in certain part's of africa. and how come the "wealthier" one's on the continent ain't helpin those poor sod's?

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tryin to prove something, luv?

warning: wind-up blah, this.

how come bird's [read: wee islander] of my age thereabouts, married with bairn, go about:
1. wearin skanky boob-revealin top's - mutton's and lamb's come to mind
2. copycating exact same long bottled blonde/curly/silky barnet as the next nubile young slut-thingy
3. sitting in a certain "sophisticated" [barf!] manner

and then throughout their whole zzzzzz...worthy conversation, must they state the bleedin obvious - how clever, worldly-wise, social and complete they really are?

it's this pair of full-time housewive's whom i got to know through a mate yesterday. soz, *homemakers* who used to have some excitin top management career - or so they implied - before the sprog's came along.

and who can't stop yakkin about their "angelic" darling's, their likes and dislike's, their excellent grades at school, their temper tantrum's. and oh, how their precocious wee lass walloped some wee laddie at school.

is that some kinda news? oh and repeat ad nauseum.

honestly, are these sad bint's so lacking in personality, identity and self-respect that they have to resort to the above? and more? i mean, what are they tryin to prove?

or are their husband's not payin em enough attention? or are they just feelin sorry [whatever it is] for emselves that they had to boast about their exploit's of non-stop partying till 5 or 6am?

the whole episode was so superficial that i almost gagged. what's more gaggin perplexin was one of em askin the other to get her husband to introduce her some airline pilot's. just because her own husband ain't exactly chuffed with her lifestyle?

poor thing?

regardless, i'm grateful that my life is not as miserable as these sad cows'.

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March 09, 2006

today's toons

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pretender's to the throne, not

and i thought they were just another one-hit wonder when they first started.

who - i grudginly admit to a mate - showed today's sad youngling's [read: including said mate] there's more to music than manufactured copycat pop.

but their leotard's were an eyesore. although the frightwig/big hair brings back memories of all those yonk's when i'd rather spend time listenin to the radio than studying. and when i heard this tune off the bbc world the other day, i was utterly gobsmacked.

so i bought not just their latest, but their debut album as well after speakin to this malay fella working at the shop. he first asked me what i thought of the former which i immediately replied they are a carbon copy of these legend's whose music i adore. i mean, they've done a really brilliant job combining the best of 70's and 80's heavy metal sounds. and lyric's to boot.

not to mention, sounding thoroughly british. oh, and look at that pair of comedy shades.


i can't help it but add this. methinks it has gotta be the malay in me that made me appreciate hard rock. still, after all these moon's. i know it's not necessarily so, but about 97% of last year's school rock band compo participant's happened to be, you guess it, malay.

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March 06, 2006

today's toons

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March 05, 2006

more clueless mong's

are today's bairn so obsessed with instant fame, wealth and gratification; that their sole ambition in life is to be perpetually under the spotlight?

and i thought whomever desperately wanting to become [promiscuous] trolley dolly's - for life - are a mighty waste of space.

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clueless mong's

i'm just flippin through this resource mag for expat's; and it struck me that this "phenomenon" happenin over ere on the wee islet sees boatloads of expat's assumin the role of "life coach" - whatever that means.

and apparently, there seems to be shedloads of clueless amoebae [read: professional types] around. despite getting this far in life. and they are ever willing to fritter away their hard-earned [for expat's workin ere?] dosh for a complete stranger to tell em to get a grip. on their miserable lives.

further proof that the human race has regressed beyond redemption.

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March 02, 2006


yesterday's st david's day.

better late than never, innit? no, for the life of me, i simply cannot remember exactly when in March. there, that's more like it.

there's one way to get tourist's to spend their hard-earned holiday dosh in wales. like, promoting sheep-shaggin contests dragon-hunting deep in the valley, for instance.

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today's toons

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