December 31, 2006

moon sighting

i just realised [i know, i'm a tad slow these day's] that the middle east celebrated the eid-al-adha festival yesterday. no wonder some folk over there were outraged over the hangin of that criminal. coinciding with a religious day.

the wee islet, along with its neighbour's are celebratin it only today however. so the moon was sighted earlier over there in the mid east eh? and since it's a public holiday that falls on a sunday, native's over ere will only return to work and school on the 3rd.

drats. there goes my work day on the 2nd.

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ain't i she a doll?


now, now stop droolin, fella's.


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i'm so effin pleased

combined readership of my work articles - 6 of em so far - posted on article directories has now reached almost 500 and counting.

honestly, i'd not expected such a massive number given the subjects discussed. i wonder though if i could use this aspect as a way to attract the opposite sex? like:

"... the letter b - very much single - is a blue-marble *famous* [online] author... just imagine, the association and constant spotlight you'd be in. you won't regret it one bit. except fightin off other male competition ..."

indeed. can anyone imagine a bloke ridin on my a bird's popularity?

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breakin a tradition

it's been ages since i made a new year's resolution.

like everyone [well, almost] else's on the blue marble, they last only as long as the first week of January. at most.

keepin my temper in check is one of em resolutions, so it's not too hard to figure out why it's a struggle.

maybe it's gotta do with my advancing age, hence the resolve to ensure it's carried out next year. and also due to my advancin age, i'm makin only one. right, without further ado here it is:

mustering enough self-discipline so that my plan's for complete blue-marble domination can be accelerated. by branchin into other business venture's, as i don't want to waste my work skills acquired throughout the year's.

ambitious? nah, i'm just challengin meself to do so. so if you's know of anyone who's seekin virtual secretarial or admin support, i would be most grateful if you's could point em my way.

ta very muchly. oh and there's more to come though :D

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December 26, 2006

i swear... more men. for obvious reason's.

knowing me, i'll go completely gaga over another in no time. yet again.

yeah, i'll never learn. but then the glass is always half-full to me.

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December 19, 2006

teenager's = fibber's

how many times have we read about teenager's claimin they aren't aware they are preggers?

who are they fibbing? i wonder what else they ain't aware of, especially the wee islet's who'd like to think they are some know-it-all. even more so than us adult's. that's why i have no ounce of sympathy whatsoever for those numerous twat's who are suffering from aids.


and same goes for those in their early 20's. and female - see know-it-all.

double snigger.

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and in the meanwhile...

... the entire wee islet is flooded. but it hasn't reached biblical proportions as yet.

sadly, my plans to go for a jogging are shelved yet again. and i haven't gone for a run for almost two week's.

drats? hardly. on the contrary, i lurve such dreary weather actually. that's why i still miss manchester muchly.

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ought to make a plan..

to visit this place in borneo whereby

new animal species have been discovered, the last count being 50 of them. including plant's.

if my memory serves me correctly, methinks i've had blogged about this sometime ago. and apart from borneo, i hope to visit madagascar as well to take a peek at its biodiversity.

on another note, with such a publicity, i dread to think that those greedy evil conglomorates are already planning to profit from borneo - by clearing its jungles. like what the wee islet's bunch of legal thug's have done to this place. or should i say "destroyed". in the name of *progress*.

to think the islet boasts some species of fauna and animal's that exist nowhere else on the blue marble. as discovered and noted by a number of 19th century british ecologists - further proof that asian's by and large don't give a fuck to their surrounding's innit. i mean, they are also some of the massive culprit's who drive certain species to extinction.

anyhoo, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out why calamities befallen on this islet and its folks.

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December 15, 2006

try harder

i know i'm a tad late about the 5 murdered whore's.

my condolences to their families but i just am not moved by this sad news.

call me heartless, but then surely they knew that one of the "job" hazard's is violent or mad customer's. secondly, they *chose* to whore emselves to fund their drug habit's. even their past abused relationship's was cited in the same breath as a factor that led to their woeful live's.

what is more perplexing - or, not logically sound - is that they were all described as intelligent, articulate and - except one who grew up in a council estate - middle-class. now, if they were really intelligent as we were made to believe, how come they ended up as whore's?

or to put it more bluntly, became feckless chav's? how come they didn't utilise their intelligence to make informed life choices?

is it due to em evil drugs that totally incapacitated them? as well as impairin their decision-making abilities? 'cos after all, these poor things were intelligent, articulate, and middle-class, innit? like what one of the mother's would want us to believe, it is these same evil drugs that is responsible for her precious' misery.

right. so i can safely conclude that *some* of these pampered, naive and sheltered middle-class type's are really weak in the noggin then? apart from talkin bollocks?

i must clarify that i've nowt against whore's. in fact, i know of one lovely indonesian whore called joyce who never failed to ask after my mum after her gall bladder surgery. i used to have a low opinion of whore's, but after knowing joyce, i'd rather be mates with em. than educated and "professional" wee islet cunts who bonk their white colleague's/gaffer's/work customers.

cunt's as in throwing eye dagger's at just any other bird including yers truly.

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December 14, 2006


methinks i'm addicted to writing. writin biz-orientated article's that is. and no, this is no self-publicity stunt.

and i've got many more ideas and topic's to blah about that i've filled up 5 pages. or summat. hopefully i would be able to make out the chicken scratches that pass for handwriting.

but then, i'm very sure it's a good thing, this. i meant my addiction. i get a kick out of seein my name on the byline jotting my thought's down about my own intercultural experiences. as well as common-sensical behavioural do's and don'ts. but then i have to watch what i blah as not everyone has a thick skin like i do - aka ability to accept *constructive* criticisms.

same goes for the work blog. i feel a tad hemmed in to say the least.

ah well.

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December 11, 2006

incompetent, ineffectual and totally spastic

i'm refering to the feckless Home Office of course.

this morning, i happened to tune in to the bbc world service interview with this doctor/rape victim whose asylum application was turned down. and who would be sent back to Sudan where her fate is now more or less sealed.

my eyes watered when hearin her account of her ordeal. and was she brave enough to not breaking down even though her voice faltered towards the end. what made my blood boil was this: how come that bunch of airplane hostage-taking afghani's were welcomed to stay in the UK - remember em, people? and countless of other's who can't even speak a fuckin word of english. in spite of havin lived in the UK for ages.

shock, horror. not to mention, utterly disgraceful.

what's so fuckin difficult to learn or speakin English? or is it a simple case of pure laziness? no, it's a classic case of defective neuron path's, more like. i mean, unlike chink and japanese, english ain't a hieroglyphical language. innit?

and should i mention several hardcore criminal's who Home Office spastic's conveniently lost track of?

and yet rape victim's other than the doctor - who spoke fluent English - are forcibly repatriated. and they happened to be mostly african. oh and should i mention the bangladeshi [?] law-abiding and tax-paying family from Brum also? the incident whereby the mosque where the family took shelter in was broke down by riot [?] police who were called in to remove them?

in other words, are the Home Office sexist/selective racist? as the hardcore criminal's i was refering to happened to be mainly eastern european?

remember that Harrods shopgirl who was murdered in cold blood by her spurned "lover", people?

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December 09, 2006

today's toons

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the ultimate betrayal

for a bird [or a fella] is her [his] partner

bonkin another bird [fella]. especially if the cunt [wanker] in question is the best mate.

oh, the scandal? non, they are plain shameless, simply put.

this is one reason why i don't have any female best mate's. or male ones [which i used to have a pawful many many many ::ad infinitum:: moons ago but that's another story for another day] for that matter. sad git, moi? hardly. i just don't wish to be saddled with potential betrayal issue's - modern life is already maddenin enough, so, no thanks.

or having to deal with my future partner being resentful of my paying attention to or catchin up with other bloke's - it's human nature to be jealous, non? and there are folk out there who can't keep their lust in check when it comes to forbidden fruit. especially to the married/"unavailable" one's, it's all about reassuring themselves that they are still attractive to the opposite sex.

sad? it's an utter crime against humanity to even allow em to breathe.

like how an acquaintance once reaffirmed my belief that one can't possibly be best mate's with anyone else except one's own partner. she's a former social welfare officer - back in canada - who has seen her fair share of counselling's, spousal battering's and summat.

enough to turn one against the human race, innit? see "human nature" and "jealous". perhaps said acquaintance is like me, a cynic. but then, we do hear of such stories like the above time and again. don't we?

what they said about prevention is better than cure? oh and don't give me the bollocks that it's mighty possible to have strong feeling's for more than one person at a time. that's a sign of pure weakness and pure selfishness. besides, it's a lame excuse to fuck around. you know, wanting their cake and eat it too. and for crying out loud, they even have a name for their [disgraceful] behaviour.

[and they want us to believe that monogamy is an excuse to keep oneself from strayin - i wager these are the same folk who baulk at islam's allowing a man to have four wifey's - 'cos to em it's totally unfair and sexist]

and no, i'm no angel myself. am still repenting for my erm, wayward ways.

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the evil legacy

so em evil russkie's have done further damage by harming innocent bystander's with that polonium wotsit, eh?

why aren't the UK doin anything about it? for instance, blanket radioactive bombing on major cities in the Russian Federation? on second thought's, they could have been already immune by Chernobyl. hmm.

regardless, moral of the story? never trust a russkie.

'nuff said.

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and i thought i was alone in thinkin - ha!

it's tough havin to put up with family members

who are not just miserable pessimist's. but their constant put-down's can do irreparable damage to your ego also.

especially if you's have one which is as fragile MASSIVE as mine. can't help it can i, being the owner of one? especially one that is fragile MASSIVE? i mean, i was *born* with one to begin with. like, there are those who were born with the gift of the gab - not that i'm implyin i'm blessed with it either.

seriously, pessimist's hate us positive types who subscribe to the silver lining to every dark and ominous cloud concept. or just simply our plain optimism. how come? this thing called [incredible] self-belief is missing in their genetic makeup. apart from that one other gene in em that influences their sadistic tendencies in wanting us to fail.

so they could gloat and rub their paw's with fuckin glee.

they hate seeing us becomin successful. they can get unreasonably petty or jealous that whatever we set out to do reaped the desired results. and the best bit is they blame it on god, fate, their dog and just anythin and anyone else except emselves for their utter misery.

it makes you's wonder how the hell they got this far in life innit? a complete waste of space, em.

right. so what motivated me to blah about this? it so happened i come across this fine article on optimism yesterday whilst posting mine on this fabtastic site - which allows spanish, french, german, italian and portuguese speakers to translate our works into their native tongues.

[which in turn translates into wider audienceship/readership for moi. yay.]

after what i have just gone through recently, said article is a timely extra boost for my ego. ta, Kent.

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December 07, 2006

but in the meantime..

my massive plan for

blue marble-domination is now complete. well, almost.

eh wot? i heard you's say. well, one my earliest bairnhood dream's was to become an author. a blue marble-famous writer in the vein of Agatha Christie or Enid Blyton. or as a poet in the vein of Edward Lear or William Wordsworth. which as you's know by now, these are the same folk who influenced my lurve for the english language. and most importantly, england.

somehow, condition's on the wee islet is anythin but conducive to become an author, much less a poet. not only it's a tad hard to make ends meet; asians in general neither appreciate nor accord the type of adulation to writers the way their counterpart's in the west do. that explains why ethnic asian writers hardly win any famous literary award, yet there are some quarter's who moan about the lack of.

anyhoo i digress. what i'd want to say is i've just realised only a few day's ago [yeah, i can be a tad slow, it's due to age probably] that i'm now an author of sorts. although i was very certain it wasn't becoming "online author of common sensical intercultural topics" that i had in mind back then.

see the right-hand column heading "about our published works"? request's for autographs, please direct em to the usual email addy.

ta very muchly.

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colonization is nigh

on mars, that is. since em boffin's have concluded that there is water on the red planet after all, chances of survival for humankind is high.

right. there goes my *only* opportunity to escape the blue marble.

bloody hell.

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December 04, 2006

the letter b's natural and inexpensive cure...

... for mouth ulcer's:

dab a wee amount of salt onto the ulcer. better still, cover the entire wound.


and when the pain subsides, rinse yer gob with h2o.

yeah, the god..owWWWww..awful pain does bring tears to yer eyes. but then, having done it twice a day - in the morning and before bedtime - for just two day's, i'm fuckin pleased to report that i'm finally cleared of the evil ulcer.


and to think that all those laboratory-produced chemicals didn't work whatsoever. it could also be due to my great distrust of said chemical's swishin around in my system that's why. and they don't come cheap either.

no matter, i've just proven myself that i'm no wimp after all.

double yay.

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the result's no coincidence then.

You are The High Priestess

Science, Wisdom, Knowledge, Education.

The High Priestess is the card of knowledge, instinctual, supernatural, secret knowledge. She holds scrolls of arcane information that she might, or might not reveal to you. The moon crown on her head as well as the crescent by her foot indicates her willingness to illuminate what you otherwise might not see, reveal the secrets you need to know. The High Priestess is also associated with the moon however and can also indicate change or fluxuation, particularily when it comes to your moods.

What Tarot Card are You?
Take the Test to Find Out.

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December 01, 2006

today's toons

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the cosmoverse's...

... most famous scot:

and it's a mythical creature that not only appears to a select privileged few. but also the guardian of this fine blog.

yeah, i'm so effin *proud* of it.

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